Region 15 CTE Weekly Update

May 18 - May 22, 2020

"Just go out there and do what you have to do." - Martina Navratilova

Ya'll, I've hit the wall. The bright side is getting a bit dim here. My kids are in their last week of school and they are ready for summer. I'm trying to ready myself for summer, but I'm still working out the details of offering summer professional development sessions. All June PD will be offered virtual at Region 15.

Monday - May 18

Summer Conference/Workshops Updates
  • TIVA has moved to a virtual conference

Coming Soon!

  • July 27-28 EV3 Training with TCEA (zoom)
  • July 29-20 Spike PRIME Training with TCEA (zoom)

Tuesday - May 19

Staff Development Options for All Educators

If your district is using Google Classroom this might be a great opportunity for you to hone your skills before the next school year. You will earn 12 CPE hours per course!

TCEA is offering online self paced Google Educator Level 1 and Level 2 Certification

  • Must be a TCEA member ($49/year).
  • Google Educator Level 1 and Level 2 bundled pricing available at $54 per person or $29 for one.
  • Upon successful completion of all modules, you will receive TCEA’s custom digital badge and certificate. At that point, you may choose to pursue the Google Educator Level 1 Certification. Instructions are provided in the course as to how to proceed.
  • Google Certified Educator Level 1 $10 exam fee
  • Google Certified Educator Level 2 $25 exam fee

Another certification you might look into (business, IT, art AV teachers) is Google Cloud Certified Professional - G Suite. This certification is on TEA's Industry Based Certification List for students to earn while in high school. Why not earn the certification this summer in preparation for guiding students through the certification process next year.

Ready to prep your students for the exam?

If you are looking for PD this summer you might talk to your administrator about leveraging one of these certifications in exchange for your trade days.

Wednesday - May 20

I was actually able to go to the office regular time and not wearing work at home clothes. It was really nice to be able to have a bit of normal back.

Region 15 Perkins SSA Members - I have submitted the Fiscal Agent CLNA and you can now go to eGrants and submit the 20-21 Perkins V ADC schedule indicating you will be joining the SSA. If you declined joining the SSA for 20-21 in the CLNA you will still need to go to the ADC and decline there as well.

Summer PD with CEV Multimedia

Region 15 is partnering with CEV multimedia to provide training on their iCEV product. Registration is coming soon. Sessions will be broken down by content area (Ag, Business, FCS, Health Science, Career Exploration, etc) You will be able to earn 3 CPE credits if you attend a content area and career exploration session. This is great preparation in learning how to utilize the entire iCEV product and will include topics on teaching strategies, lesson plans, scope and sequence, projects/student activities and best practices.

Dates will be:

  • July 13-14
  • Aug 10-11

Thursday - May 21

NCCER Update

I found out yesterday I can enroll in the NCCER Master Trainer course in June. I'm looking for silver linings and this training is usually hard to find a seat in when they offer it in Texas, the other option is going to Florida and I am not able to travel out of state with the ESC. What this means for you is if you are an existing NCCER instructor, ESC 15 can be your sponsor. Also, I can offer the ICPT (NCCER Craft Training) this is the training some of you are taking at ESC 20 in June. I am hoping that I will be able to offer a training later in the summer.

It's May in Texas so that means thunderstorms and other weather excitement. Stay safe friends!

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Friday - May 22

Well I guess better late than never for today's post. This was the first day I didn't have any zoom meetings. I am not sure when the last time that happened, at least since all this began. I really don't have an update for you other than the CLNA is due June 1st and that is just a week away. I don't have all the professional development sessions posted like I wanted to by this time. I hope you will continue to check your school email through out the summer for updates to workshops and conferences both at the ESC and statewide.

Anyone try anything new these last few weeks? My daughter wanted to master her scooter and my son wanted to learn how to cook a few things. I think both have been successful. My husband decided to try a meal service (his mom is using one called Dinnerly). I never really thought that would be for me but surprisingly Dinnerly is batting 2 for 2 so far. I am quite tickled the meals have turned out so well. I am trying something new too it seems.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, though adding happy to such a holiday doesn't seem quite right. Thank you to the men and women of the US Military who have died fighting for our country. We are privileged to have the freedoms we enjoy and the right to agree or disagree, come together or fall apart.

Be well,


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