Tracy W. McGregor

By:Devanshi Johnson


Born:Berlin Heights, Ohio(April 18,1869)

Died:Washington,DC(May 6,1936)

Tracy has a little brother(Murray McGregor) and little sister(Ruth McGregor).He had lived with both of his parents( Thomas McGregor and Elizabeth Taitt)in Ohio he went to school in Oberlin college in Oberlin Ohio.

McGregor institute

Tracy went to school for to 2 years and droped out after 2 mouths after his father died. Thomas and Eilzabeth started 2 missions (helping hand mission and the mission for homeless man). Tracy continued the mission for homeless men, he was the one who actually opened it up to the world. He was also financially helping other systems. David whitney was financially helping the mission for homeless man. Tracy married his daughter in November 20, 1901. Tracy and his wife ran the mission for homeless man for 25 years than the name canged into the McGregor institute.