Bobcat Bulletin

October 12, 2015

Dear FSS staff,

  • Conferences seemed to go very well. Many of you shared how nice it was to connect with so many families. I hope you will follow up with the families that did not attend. These are the the students that need this connection from us.

  • Mini PD will begin tomorrow. We have set aside one Monday a month for short inservice based on trends or needs. Please complete the survey the TOSAS sent you to help guide us. We will entice you with chocolate and pay?

  • Lexia and Dreambox are in full usage. This is a wonderful way to fill gaps and also allow you to pull small reteach groups in ELA and math. Hopefully you share these two programs with families for homework so their prescribed time can be met. Pete, the Lexia trainer, will be on campus on Oct 27th for individual or group training. Let me know if you need a sub and we will cover you for a 40 min block of time. You may sign up to meet with him during your PE as well.

  • Locking up is going well. Continue to give a student leader the jobs of flag, blinds, lock-block... and shutting down devices on Fridays.

  • Birthdays are a topic I have avoided. This is a tradition that make kids and parents happy, but we must consider our paramount goal of educating our students and the amount of instructional time these parties take from our day. They also create a divide with students that will never have a party at school. PLEASE communicate this in your next newsletter. Feel free to celebrate birthdays with singing happy birthday, a student of the day recognition, reading a special birthday book/poem/song, each student writing a special birthday message/book... There will be no more class parties for birthdays and cupcakes/treats. You may chose two parties a year- halloween, Christmas, Valentines or end of the year. We must discourage the cupcakes and parent planned parties... these need to happen at home. Make me the bad guy! But please communicate this message before the next set of cupcakes and balloons show up and in the office and we turn them away. That never goes well. This will be a hard change for some families and not so much for others. Our instructional tasks this year are daunting. We need every minute we can get. I know you understand!

  • Newletters have or will go home this week. Please be sure to send a copy to the office. We refer to them often. They should be filled with content/standards being taught, upcoming school/grade level events, themes being taught, needs you might have, donations you might need, grade level celebration or accomplishments, homework updates...

Hope you have a wonderful week!