By Ashley Santiago

Scene Summary

The scene I chose is the one where Brian and the pilot were in the plane. The pilot started rubbing his left shoulder, aches and pains he thought he was just getting old. The plane started going to the right and Brian started looking at the pilot. He was rubbing his shoulder again, then the pilot started having stomach troubles. Brian had noticed a horrible smell, he took another look at the pilot he was rubbing his shoulder up and down, he thought it was something the pilot ate. Brian turned again and glanced at the pilot, who had both his hands on his stomach, something he ate he thought again. The pilot reached for the switch and said, " This is flight four six", he started jolting.

The pilots mouth went rigid, he swore and jerked a short series of slams into the seat holding his shoulders, he swore and hissed,"Chest! Oh God, my chest is coming apart!" Brian knew know. The pilot was having a heart attack. The pilot was having a heart attack and even as the knowledge came to Brian he saw the pilot slam into the seat one more time, one more awful time he slammed back into the seat and his right leg jerked, pulling the plane to the side in a sudden twist and his head fell forward and spit came. Spit came from the corners of his mouth and his legs contracted up, up into the seat, and his eyes rolled back in his head until there was only white. Only white for his eyes and the smell became worse, filled the cockpit, and all of it so fast, so incredibly fast that Brian's mind could not take it in at first. Could only see it in stages. The pilot had been talking, just a moment ago, complaining of the pain. He had been talking. Then the jolts had come...