Hard Lives In Chiraq

Stop the gang violence

Defining The Purpose

The purpose of the film is to inform us how gang members impact the life's of many people in Chicago. They take kill many people and even take over people life. They will do what ever it takes to get what they want, when they want it.

Lil Mikey

A young man who was just got out of prison. Who was when and confronted a family he robbed at gun point. He was helped and found a job at a day care.

The Brothers

They are two brothers that was reunited.


People help kids graduate. They are there when they need someone to talk to. They are there to support them.


In the Documentary,a loud foul mouthed man named Flamo. He was angry because his mom and brother went to jail. This person started to show change through the film, the first change is shown is when he has calmed down and was talking to his friend, and he lets him how he stopped people from fighting. By the end of the film you see that he has got his life together and has a job. After the documentary was released he was able to find a job and his life was changed. He has a his life together.

Killing Kids It Hurts Everyone

In the documentary, it showed the it bad things through showing the death of kids and how it causes people to feel. It shows loved ones dealing with deaths but it also shows, how it messes up the neighborhood as a whole.