Socialization Research and Flyer



  • Select and issue your are interested in researching.
  • Identifiy one stage of life that you will focus in on the research.
  • Select two agents of socialization that will effect how an individual perceives and addresses the issue.


  • No less than 5 supporting details to describe how the agents of socialization impact a person's ability to address an issue during a particular life stage.
  • Use of no less than two database articles for research.
  • Use of no less than three images.
  • All spelling, grammar, and mechanics are correct.
  • MLA citations used for all information located.


You MUST use the school's databases.

  • Go to BHS homepage
  • Click on Library Media Center
  • Click on Library from school or home depending on where you are
  • Click on Gale (or another database)
  • If on Gale - go to subsection called "Opposing Viewpoints" to browse or search topics

You MUST use MLA citations for at least 2 databases and 3 images

  • The databases have citations at the bottom of the article in MLA
  • For any images found on the web, you can use
  • Include the citations at the bottom of your flyer