I have a SECRET!

PLEASE give me a chance to share it with you

I am a full-time teacher in Michigan, and I found this SECRET just 9 months ago. I was in need of supplementing my teaching salary. Over the last three years the Michigan Public Education System has taken a huge hit due to tough economic times, and my salary took a substantial hit because of this. I had to do something to make ends meet.

I often say that the stars were aligned for me because I truly stumbled upon this amazing opportunity. In my first three months with Rodan and Fields I was very PLEASANTLY surprised by what I was able to do to supplement my income. Today, I am so excited about how this is changing my financial future, that I am investing more time and money to create expansion and rapid growth. This will allow me to grow new markets in Michigan, Florida and Arizona, which is why I was looking at résumés on Indeed.com

My continued search to find just the right people for this expansion is what allowed me to find you! After reading your résumé, I think you could be just the kind of person I am looking for!

Please take a few minutes to read the information and watch the videos in this email. At the end you will find my contact information. If you desire to discuss the business opportunity in more detail, I'd welcome the opportunity to talk to you and share the details of this secret!

Other important and pertinent information about Rodan and Fields is that the company is going into the Canadian markets in January 2014, and globally thereafter. This is a huge talking point because it allows you to have a ground floor opportunity to be the first in those markets. Great wealth is created by those that are first!

NOW is the time to act upon this information.

Watch the following videos to help you learn more about this unknown opportunity.

The following videos will show you:

1. Business presentation from the Doctors

2. Our new REDEFINE product commercial

3. Product Information from the Doctors

Rodan + Fields Business Introduction by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields
REDEFINE Commercial
Rodan + Fields Product Overview

Do you want better Skin?

The results from this product are amazing, I know myself because I use the product and see the results on my face everyday. But, there is a bigger factor here, we have the credibility of the Doctors that created Proactiv. Everybody knows that these doctors created an iconic brand that's sold globally, and there is nothing stopping them to do it all over again! This time, they are treating aging, and the best news for anybody interested in this business opportunity is that we are all aging...everyday! Anybody is a potential customer! This anti age product line is a 2.9 billion dollar industry and continues to grow each year.

Perhaps you aren't interested in the business opportunity, but you might be interested in better skin. Since the doctors knew that people need to give this product some time to see the changes, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied with the product, you can return it (even empty bottles) for 100% money back (minus shipping). Everybody owes themselves this trial period because you wont believe what this product can do for your skin!

Do you want your piece of the 2.9 billion dollar pie?

Perhaps you are willing to give the product a try, but perhaps you're thinking... I want in on this secret. It's so easy to create financial wealth for yourself. We are basically a business in a box. We don't have parties, we don't stock product, we don't handle money, we don't handle returns... we get paid for talking... really, that is it. Our 100% web-based business does every aspect of the business for us. It couldn't be any easier!

Let me know if you are interested.

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