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Word Wall Words Assignmet

word wall words are the basic skills to help you pronounce and learn new words throughout the year while in class. students will be able to learn new words and be able to use them in everyday sentences.

Festival of Lights

Friday, Dec. 4th, 6pm

James Island, Charleston, SC, United States

Charleston, SC

The festival of lights is hosted every year around the month of December to show off many different designs people have made with lights . this field trip will be 5$ for students and 10$ for adults.


We are going to be beginning a new project this week. this project we will be working on will be called traveling tom , traveling tom is going to be a printed of person that your child will carry around and take 5 pictures on 5 amazing places they carried tom or even 5 amazing things you did with tom over the weekend. we will discuss more about this in class this week and I will send home additional information .

Rhyming Words

we have been learning rhyming words for the past week. This video below should help your child be able to come up with some on there own. Below is a video I think would be helpful. have your kids watch it and write down some new things that they learned .
Rhyming Is So Easy! (Sing-Along) Children's Song


Here is some basic information if you need to get in touch with me , or just wanting to keep up with your child's progress In my class.