mike mullin

auther bio

mike mullins first job was scraping gum off the bottoms of desks of his high school from there things got worse this is his first published novel and hopes it will work out

book bio

this book is about a 16 year old who in the mist of chaos is trying to get back with his parents that went to see his aunt ans uncle but will he survive to ever see his parents again and will he ever be the same again.

who would like thas book

people that like love adventure violence and trying to survive

pics of how it could happen


main charter

alexs 16 like to play video games has a black belt in ti quan do and has a family of four his sister and parents he trys to help people if he can and is scared of heights

book entry

for Alex being alone for the weekend means freedom from his parents and the chance to play computer games and hangout with his friends without hassle from his mother then the super volcano erupts plunging his home town int a nightmare of darkness ash and violence

why i like the book

i like the book cause it has adventure and love and the will to survive and what happened t him could really happen which is scary