Pine Wood Snakes


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Where To Find Them .

Pine woods snakes are found in damp woodlands, under bark and in rotten logs and stumps. The pine woods snake is known from scattered localities in coastal North Carolina and South Carolina most of peninsular Florida and small portions of Georgia , Alabama, and Louisiana.


Pine Wood Snakes are endangered.


Slender and graceful, these snakes tend to be very shy. Pine woods snakes prefer to stay away from other animals, opting for privacy under a fallen tree or a pile of leaves. Perhaps its favorite place to hide is under the bark of a rotting pine tree. They are not aggressive and will generally try to hide from a large animal like a human. They are docile enough to be handled safely in captivity. Pine woods snakes are considered fossorial, which means that they live underground. However, they can be quite active during certain times of the year. They are also considered nocturnal, which means they are most active after the sun sets at night. If a pine woods snake is seen during the daytime, it is likely either breeding season or something disturbed the snake’s habitat.