Broken Chain Mandala

by Marquion bolton

My character I'm doing my mandala on is Alfonso.

The book I'm doing my mandala on is Broken Chain. First I use an ugly duckling it mean because he has low self of esteemed and ugly and al ways tries to make him look better. Like when Alfonso got a new hairdo and got new clothes. And sit on the porch push his crooked teeth in. The yellow and black crayon, those mean the good deed and the bad deed. He helps his mom do the dish, and a help boy name Frankie get down from the barbwire fences those are the good deed; the yellow. The black is the bad deed like he throws the chain at the wall and slam the door. I drew a music note for it to represents music that Alfonso like to listen to music when he was on the porch with his radio. 21 mean good luck in the story Ernie show up at the last second and give Alfonso the bike. 40 mean bad luck like when his chain broke when he was clean his bike. The fire mean brave and truth

Alfonso when going to tell Sandra what happen that took gut. And he still told the truth and what happen. The ants I draw mean clean and hard work. Alfonso keeps his bike clean and he work at a café and work out.

Those are the symbols I think represent Alfonso.