Costa Rica

A country in Mexico

Land And Climate

Costa Rica covers 19,730 square miles and its smaller than West Virginia. 50% of it is covered by different types of forests and 30% of the territory is reserved as protected areas. Coastal Lowlands are hot and humid, and the temperatures is 81 F (27 C). San Jose and parts of the Valley Highland temperture is 67 F (19 C). In the wet seasons, May-November, its usually when rain fall, and in dry seasons, December-April, are the dry season.


Clothes, Food, and Religion

The population is 4.64 million, and the growing is 1.3%. The language spoken in Rica are spansih, bribri spoken by the indigenous groups, and its more languages in the native groups speak either spanish or native tongue. Their clothing is Westeren like and they keep their clothes clean and neat. They eat three meals a day. Breakfast and dinner being the most important of the day. And they usually like rush when they eat lunch, and they don't eat lunch at home. They would go out for a meal with friends, or date wise. When eating dinner at home, all hands are always above the table, and extanded by conversations.


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