Type One For The Win

Background Information

Type one diabetics is when the insulin in our body is not produced. Insulin is suppose to be made from the pancreas, but in type one diabetes the pancreas stops working. Insulin is referred to as "the key". We use this key to unlock the cell which allows the glucose, or sugar, to go into the cell which gives us energy. Without the insulin our cells do not get energy.
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Diabetic Diet

As a diabetic we have to eat certain foods to make sure our body is healthy. We can eat some of the same foods regular people eat but we have to be aware of the amount we are eating. One thing diabetics have to pay attention to is the food labels. We need to make sure our amount of protein is high and the amount of carbohydrates is low. One breakfast item we could eat is egg whites without the egg yolk. The egg white has lots of protein , which is good for you. The egg yolk has a lot of fat which is hard for diabetics to get rid of. For lunch you can eat a healthy salad. The lettuce has lots of proteins and you can add toppings that will health your insides and not hurt them, like tomatoes. For dinner you can eat a small portion of fish or chicken and a decent side of vegetables or sweet potatoes.

Blood Monitoring

To monitor your blood, us diabetics have to prick our finger with a needle to make sure the amount of glucose in the blood is close to normal. This is the easiest way to see how much glucose we have. Since we have type one there will be lots of glucose in our system since the insulin cant unlock the cells allowing the glucose to go in the cell. Because glucose cant go in the cell it travels around in the blood stream freely. If the amount of glucose is high we have to inject a shot filled with insulin into our body. If your blood sugar is over 240 then your blood sugar level is too high. If it is below 70 then your blood sugar level is too low.

Recommending Exercise

Having type one diabetes can effect the way you work out. When we work our there is a hormone that makes blood sugar. When it makes this blood sugar the amount of glucose is too high and it can cause serious damage and could kill you. The easiest way to work out is to go on a run. Don't do anything to crazy while running. If you feel like you are working out too much or too hard then take a break and sit down.
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Lifestyle Choices

Things you should do daily are run at least an hour a day, eat healthy, and keep track of the amount of glucose that is in your system. If you do these three things you should be healthy and live a long life.

Staying Fit Relates To Controlling Diabetes

Having diabetes can be a reason why you might be obese. Without the insulin allowing energy to go into our cells we are constantly tired. Staying fit can help us not be as tired. Like I said for life style choices type one diabetics have to be aware of the amount of working out that we do. It can help control diabetes and can hurt us at the same time.

Three Professionals That Can Help

Three professionals that can help diabetics is nutritionist, a primary care physician, and a psychiatrist. A nutritionist can help teach you what is right to eat and what can hurt your body. Also they can be a great person to call when you have questions about what you can eat and if the problem is because of food. A primary care physician can help diagnose and give treatment for diabetes. A psychiatrist can help you understand what life is like with diabetes and can give you more information.


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