Kelly's Konference Klatch!

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It’s our biggest Party of the Year & YOU are the Guest of Honor!

Dear Team THIRTY-wONEderfuls,

I’m so excited! The countdown to Conference 2014 has begun, and we have so much to look forward to!

WOW! I cannot wait to see YOU at Conference very soon! I wanted to share a few tips and tidbits so that Team THIRTY-wONEderfuls is unified, informed and prepared to get the most out of this incredible time of growth and networking. I hope this helps make your conference experience AMAZING!

Please take some time to check out the conference section over at TOT. It has the schedule, maps, and other great info!



Team Facebook Page

Our conference FB page will be our main tool of communication during the conference. If you are not a member please join now!
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Friday--Awards Night

Our team’s awards night will be Friday July 25 at 4:00pm in Hall D. We will be sitting in the purple colored table section. Please look for our team and sit at one of the tables nearby and get ready to shout some big woo hoo’s for our successes!


1. If you are traveling by plane, make a plan for transportation to/from the airport. If you can travel in groups, that will help with the cost. If you are arriving outside your team’s time, find another 31 consultant-you will see MANY of them...carrying the same bags that you have!

2. Upon arrival go to registration…see the schedule for the times that registration will be open. (The registration times are on TOT. Go to Events. Then click National Conference and Schedule.)

3. When you register, you must show a photo ID. You will receive a packet. In this packet, you will have things like tickets for your classes, your name badge, etc. DO NOT LOSE ANY OF THIS! You will get a badge with ribbons for all your promotions, your state, your Dream Rewards level, etc. You must wear these at all times other than the formal night. A great tip is to store your hotel key and any tickets in the name badge…it will be easy to find and you’ll always have it handy.

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What to Wear

You want to make sure you are comfortable. You will be in meetings ALL day.

Thursday--Team Hat day, black T-shirts and khaki bottoms!

Dress code is business casual, so bring comfortable slacks for each day. This is what is recommended by the company. But I will tell you that many people where jeans and a 31 t-shirt. I very rarely see them in slacks!

Bring a jacket, the rooms get cold…

Awards night is the dressiest night of all! You will see everything from cute sundresses, nice slack and blouse to long evening gowns!

Comfy shoes

What Else to Pack

Mini zipper pouch or something to collect other people’s business cards. When you get home, find them on Facebook. It’s great to see what other consultants post so you can copy/paste on your own Facebook page. It’s all about getting more ideas!!!

iPad or tablet if you have one (if not a notebook is fine). I’ve always brought my laptop but it is HEAVY carrying it around all day. It’s much easier to take notes on a tablet. Don’t forget the charger! I promise you will get so many ideas, make sure you write EVERYTHING important down so you can refer back to it later!!! You will also get a notebook/planner from home office in your registration packet but I find I like to take notes and keep that book as a keepsake!

Folder with any fliers you have for fundraisers, catalog inserts, post cards, things like that. Because it’s a great conversation starter at a table to pull those out and ask if anyone wants to see them. That’s when the idea sharing starts!!!!

Tote to carry all your stuff in, but remember backpacks are not allowed on the arenas.

Envelope for your receipts... ALL this is a tax deduction.

Credit Card- Conference Store only accepts plastic. So make sure if you have a debit card, that you can use it as a credit card (without a pin) and it has a Visa/MC logo.


Attending conference is a life changing experience for me as I’m sure it will be for you too! Here are a few ways to make sure we get the most out of conference and have the best possible experience:

Leave all your other hats at home. Leave your mommy hat, your wife hat, your friend hat and your chauffeur hat at home and put on your business hat. Focus on the opportunities to learn, network and dream at this once a year opportunity.

Take two notepads and several pens. Take notes at every opportunity.

  • If we just listen we will only retain 15%.
  • If we listen and take notes, we will remember 25%.
  • If we review our notes in 24 hours, we will remember 35%.
  • If we review our notes with a friend in 24 hours we will remember 50%.

WOW & GAW: You will get hear a gazillion ideas! Have separate sheets of paper titled "Action Steps." Write down the things you will implement immediately Immediately, WOW - Wait One Week & GAW - Great & Wait. Detox your info in the room at night with your roomies. Make your lists and go to bed ready for the next day. We will process this info when we get home. Your “job” is to take in this experience.

Get ready to hurry up and wait! If you are attending a large conference you can expect long lines. Long lines for check-in at the airport, baggage claim, the shuttle, the hotel, registration, entering events, meals and the restroom! It's just a part of the experience. If you are ready for it, it won't be frustrating.

Gather Information: Use long lines (or short ones) to gather information. Ask the people around you for success tips. It makes the waiting fun, beneficial and you get to know people!

Make booking calls from conference. They are so touched and flattered that you are taking time to call them from conference and your enthusiasm and excitement will never be higher!

Open yourself to the possibilities. This is where the dream comes to life! This is where you begin to see where your business can take you. Open up to it and DREAM BIG!!

Be ready for the best experience of your year! Take full advantage of everything conference can do for you and make this your best year to date in your business!