Northern Saw Whet Owls

By Lucas Spurling

What it looks like

The Northern Saw Whet owl has no ear tufts and he has large yellow eyes.The facial disk is reddish brown with black border.The fore head is dark brown with white streaks.The breast has thick reddish streaks.The female is usually larger than the male.

Facts about the Northern Saw Whet owl.

The Northern Saw Whet owl eats many things.Some things it eats are mice,shrews,voles,chipmunks,bats,birds and insects.Its habitat is a coniferous and mixed forest.Its length is7-81/2.Its wingspan is 17-201/2.A Saw Whet owl can be 7 inches high.

Some pictures of Saw Whet Owls

What it acts like.

The Northern Saw Whet owl is a very tame owl that usually sits in a pine tree during the day.It will allow people to approach it.Although small it is a fierce hunter sometimes taking prey larger than itself.During the breeding season its call may sound like a whistle or a saw.

how it can turn its head to see more

For protection and support an owls eyes are inside bony tubes.The tubes let the owl look straight forward.The owl has lots of bones in its neck and these bones let the owl turn its head almost all the way around to see more.

Some More Facts

Owls use their facial disk to collect sound waves and to hear better.Under the feathers are huge ear openings.One is usually bigger than the other to help the owl find out where the sound is coming from.That is how an owl finds its prey.An owl has a bristly feather mustache that lets it feel if it is close enough to bite its prey.