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Marie Curie life

There are two types of elements called protanium and radium.

Both of these elements can kill you but the inventor of them is the famous girl discovers Marie Curie. Marie Curie wanted to change the element chart she studied putting pitch blend into acid and made protanium a black powder much stronger than uranium. She also made radium by putting ten tons of pitchblende in to acid and got only one gram.

Marie Curie life

Marie Curie mom died when marie was 10. When Marie was n/a years old when her husband died by head ran over by wagon. She went to college to get her BS degree. And dedicated her life to radium.


Radium and protanium was not on element chart Marie changed that no longer was it a mystery radium was made by not only ten tons of pitchblende but also by protanium. Radium is a lot stronger than uranium and protactinium combined. Over 5 grams of radium can instantly kill a person.


Protanium was the first. Less than radium more uranium. Made by pitchblende alone no other additives.

Marie Curie dedicated her life to radium but it took her life also. What she invented killed her we remember her because without her no nuclear reactors to give us electricity.

Maybe you should thank her.