4th Grade Newsletter

Friday, February 5

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, February 10: Count Day
Wednesday, February 10: Math and Reading Skill Checks Due
Friday, February 12: No School (Professional Development for Teachers)
Monday, February 16: No School: President's Day

OLS Progress Reminder

*You should be completing 2% - 3% progress in each course per week.
*If you started at MVCA on the first day of school (September 8) you should be at 52% in your courses.

**If you come across an optional lesson in any course, it is your decision to skip it. However, if you do skip it, that does not count as completing a lesson for the day. You will either need to complete the optional lesson or skip until you reach the next required lesson, and complete that instead.

Math Reminder

We have been teaching the math units in order of importance, which may not line up with how they are ordered in the OLS. Here is the order you should be following:

Unit 1: Whole Number Sense
Unit 2: Whole Number Operations
Unit 3: Applications of Operations
Unit 4: Lines, Angles, and Rotation
Unit 11: Geometry
Unit 5: Fraction Sense
Unit 8: Fraction Operations
Unit 9: Decimals and Equality with Fractions
Virtual Fractions Resource

Click on "having trouble with fraction" above to watch the jing video on how to use this resource! You will love it!

Supplemental Programs

Remember to be working in our supplemental programs listed below! Most students are working in I-ready, but some are working in Moby Max. Students may also be working in RAZ Kids for reading fluency. Remember to work in them regularly to get full participation points!

I-Ready: https://login.i-ready.com/

Moby Max: https://www.mobymax.com/signin

RAZ Kids: https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login

*If you are unsure of your log-in information or don't know which programs you should be working in, please contact me immediately. I would be happy to answer that for you!