Photography Basics

practice taking pictures using Scavenger Hunt

10 Basic Rules for photography

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Rule of Thirds

Go to each website reading about "Rule of Thirds"

Website #1-Rule of Thirds

Website #2-Rule of Thirds

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ViewPoint & Framing

Go to the Focal Point Website and pay attention to size, focus, & shape.
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Fill the Frame

Fill the frame encourages you, as a photographer, to really spend some time thinking about your subject and how best to feature that subject in your photograph. How can you bring forward the details or the patterns or the most critical element(s) of your subject? How does the background add to or take away from the story that you are trying to tell?

Depth, Leading Line, & Background

Go to the Fill your Frame website-

Got to the Images Straight website-

pay attention to depth, leading lines, & backgrounds

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Photo Scavenger Hunt

  • use the rules you learned to take each photo. Use your ipad.
  • use collage maker- to combine all pictures into ONE collaged picture

turn in the collage to google classroom!

  • edit them in pikmonkey or photshop (both found on symbaloo) or using "edit" option on ipads if needed.
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(click the links for tutorials/help)



Group Rules

Use ONE ipad to take pictures.

Ipad owner will put photos into GDrive!

On computer: go to GDrive

  1. put pictures in a folder
  2. share folder with EVERYONE from group (using school email accts)

Then: everyone will create their own collage of the pictures using picmonkey and turn in the collage on GClassroom