Mr. Reusche's Stats Field Trip

Lets Go Cubs!! Cubs vs. Brewers 4/28 1:20pm

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QR Code for Cubs Website

This Qr code links to the Chicago Cubs website which also includes the address, date, time, and events surrounding the game. I will also be providing this information throughout the newsletter as well as leaving and arrival times.

Times and dates

The games begins at 1:20 at Wrigley Field,1060 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613. The bus will leave in the middle of the school day at 11:55am. We will meet during this passing period between 4th and 5th period in front of the school's main entrance. The game will be approximately 3-4 hours and the bus will leave directly after the game.

What the students are expected to complete

Students are expected to watch at least 3 innings of the game and record stats like we have been doing in class the past few days. Homework after the game will be to complete the worksheet given prior to the start of the game. This worksheet will be turned in the following Monday.

Expenses $$$$

The total cost of the field trip including food, travel, and ticket cost is $30. This is an optional field trip. Students who do not attend the field trip are still required to go to all classes and will be given another assignment to complete also due the following Monday after the game.
Chicago Cubs Highlights 2015 - September