By Harry Thomas

What is a Acid?

Acid is a chemical substance (normally, corrosive) that neutralizes alkalis, dissolves some metals, and turns red in universal indicator .

What is a Alkali?

Alkali is a chemical compound that neutralizes with acids and turns purple in universal indicator if its a strong alkali but if its week it turns blue.

Acids used at home

Vinegar has Acetic acid in it

here is the formula CH3COOH

so the word equation is carbon 3 hydrogen carbon oxygen oxygen hydrogen

so uses for vinegar you put it in food and on sausage and chips

Alkali used at home

Toothpaste has some alkalis in it and one of them is Sodium carbonate.

Here is the formula: Na2CO3

so what is that

it is sodium carbon oxygen

and toothpaste is used to clean your teeth

Industrial uses for acids

sulphuric acid is used in mineral processing. For example, phosphate minerals react with sulphuric acid to produce phosphoric acid for the production of phosphate fertilizers.

Sulphuric acid formula:H2SO4 Hydrogen, sulphur, Oxygen

Industrial uses for alkali

lithium hydroxide is used to absorb carbon dioxide in space vehicles and space rockets

lithium hydroxide: LiOH which is lithium, oxygen, hydrogen

so if this alkali didn't exist Neil Armstrong wouldn't of landed on the moon