Rebecca Sweet


The monitor is basically your computer screen,it shows you everything you are doing. You can get all different designs of mnitors. If you lookclosely at your monitor you may see pixels. You can get wide or thin screened monitors aswell as different designs


CPU stands for central processing unit, it is the part of the computer where most of the calculations take place. It is the most important element of a computer, without the CPU,you couldn't play games, research or look on the internet.


RAM stands for Random Accesss Memory, it provides space for your computer to read and write data to be accessed by the CPU, data stored in the RAM stays there only as long as your computer is running. As soon as you turn the computer off the data stored in the RAM disappears.


ROM means Read-Only Memory, ROM is simillar to RAM, but instead of the data disapearing when you urn the computer on, the data stays stored on the computer.

Mother Board

The mother board is the main circuit board of your computer, it contains the connectors for attaching additional boards. Attached to the mother board you'll find, CPU, ROM, memory RAM expansion slots, PCI slots and USB ports. The mother board is what makes everything in your computer work together.


Input- An input is when you input something into the computer, i.e when you type into the keyboard it puts something into the computer

Output- An output is where something comes out of the computer, i.e when you type something into the computer and it comes out on the computer screen.

Touch Screen

A touch screen computer is called a tablet. With a touch screen you don't have to use a keyboard you can use your finger to control the tablet. When the screen is touched the electrical current can tell the exact spot of contact and send the coordinates to the operating system

A hard drive uses similar memory storage technology to casette tapes and video tapes