The Unstable Fable

By Hamdan Tariq

Once upon a time, in a forest, there was a family of Lions. Living as kings, they had anything a animal would want. However, on the other side of the jungle was a a family of elephants. This elephant herd was extremely poor and if no food was found in the next few days they had no choice then to become carnivores. One day, a lion cub from the wealthy family went out to play, his mother said," Donny, don't go past the north wall!". This made the lion curios, and he was eager to see what such thing would prohibit him. At the same time, Robert, a elephant from the third class family, was sent by his mother to go to the lion's gate and beg for food. While both children were sent on a collision course, a crow, seeing this unfold, flew to the lion cub and said,"Oh Donny, don't go ahead, there is a dead elephant and the killers are eating it!". The crow told this lie because of her envy toward the lions. However, the little cub trudged on...this time more curios.

Finally, when they met in the middle they were surprised to see each other. As the elephant was thinking of what to say, the lion said firmly," Why aren't you dead". The elephant heard this and thought he was implying this because there were so poor. The elephant ran away crying. The lion followed the tracks and it lead him to the elephant's home. The mother of the elephant, heard about what happened and told the lion to apologize. At that moment the lion was confused. However, the elephant's mother thought the lion did not want to apologize. And with a big spank on the behind, the lion ran away crying. However the cub was lost, so he laid down and started crying. Then he reliezed that the family was poor and all of sudden did not think that a simple little slap was not that bad. He managed to follow back his tracks home. He went to his mother and said," There is a poor family on the other side of the gate, we must help them. And there was never a line of poverty and wealthiest were equal.
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