Effects of smoking

Jordan Dixon

This is a poster to show the effects smoking has on a person and their body.

Throughout life people develop dangerous habits. The most common habit is smoking. Smoking although it make not seem so dangerous, is in face incredibly bad for your body. This is because when you smoke you're not just inhaling smoke, you're inhaling lots of different chemicals that cause serious damage to you and your body. In a cigarette there is a drug called nicotine. This drug is very addictive and is the cause for the addiction to smoking. Because of nicotine causing an addiction it causes you to smoke a lot more leading your body into a higher chance of a serious illness. One of them illnesses is COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). This is when your airways become inflamed with air, this causes your airways to be more narrow and makes it much more difficult to breathe.
Another illness is cancer. Cancer is when their is an abnormal pea sized lump in the body that has cancer cells, the cancer cells kills the body and causes the host to slowly and painfully deteriorate. The cancer is caused when a cell mutates, every cell in the body divides to an exact replica of the previous cell but when the cells mutate and divide is causes cancer and this is how the cancer forms and spreads. The reason cancer is caused by smoking is because inside a cigarette is carcinogens and this is what causes the bodies cells to mutate.
When you smoke cigarettes you will have a constant smell of smoke. Smelling of smoke all the time can socially seclude you because lets face it, who wants to stand next to someone who smells of smoke? Because of this it could make your confidence lower and also give you bad luck with the ladies. The reason you'd smell is because the smoke will stick to your skin and clothes.
When you smoke you inhale a lot of chemicals and one of them being nicotine. nicotine stains your teeth with a yellow and brown stain and it also stains your lips and fingers. Because of the stains it makes you look unattractive and dirty. While on the topic of oral, smoking causes oral cancer. Oral cancer is caused by the chemicals off a cigarette reacting badly with the cells in your mouth causing a cancer to form.

Effects of smoking for a sports performer

When a sports performer smokes is causes them to not be able to play up to the same level as non-smoking because their lungs aren't as functional as a non-smoker. Since they've been smoking their arteries have narrowed making it harder for oxygen to get to their muscles which doesn't allow them to perform for long. Because of this it gives them a poor game as they haven't got the high amount of cardio vascular endurance. Because they cant perform as well as their team mates or opponents it could lower their attitudinal perspective towards the game and lower their confidence and motivation. Because theirs not enough oxygen that's going to the heart it makes the heart have to work much harder which causes the player to be fatigued much quicker. Because of this they are not able to perform to their highest potential.