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In honor of our Grand Opening, now through May 1st book a trip for half price! Stay in Sydney, Australia for 2 weeks. Regular price for the trip is $4,420.

Promotion Includes:

  • Plane Tickets
  • Hotel Costs
  • Ground Transportation
  • Meals

Limited Time Only! Some restrictions may apply.

About Sydney, Australia

Population: The population of Sydney, Australia is currently 4,840,628 and accounts for 20.61% of Australia's total population.

Language: Apart from English, French is also very commonly spoken in Sydney

Weather: Temperatures in spring range from around 15-20°C in the daytime, with nights usually above 10°C. If you're visiting Sydney in the spring, take a lightweight jacket for the cooler evenings, and an umbrella. Spring is a popular season for walking tours of historical sites. Autumn is a favorable time of year for visiting the many nearby national parks, and walkers and hikers enjoy this season as the humidity is lower.

Currency: The official currency in Australia is the Australian dollar.

Common French Phrases

  • oui (yes)

  • non (no)

  • S’il te plaît. (Please. [informal])

  • S'il vous plaît. (Please. [formal])

  • Merci. (Thank you.)

  • Merci beaucoup. (Thank you very much.)

  • Je t’en prie. (You’re [informal] welcome.)

  • Je vous en prie. (You’re [formal] welcome.)

  • Il n’y a pas de quoi. (It’s nothing.)

  • Excusez-moi. (Excuse me.)

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Places to Visit

Popular Foods and Restaurants

Some very popular dishes in Australia include the Meat Pie, roast dinners, and fish n chips. Famous restaurants that serve these foods include:

  • Steel Bar and Grill
  • Tetsuya's
  • MCA Restaurant
  • The Lagoon Seafood Restaurant

Sample Itinerary

Day 1


8:00 am______________________Wake up call from Hotel

9:30 am______________________Taxi arrival and departure to breakfast of your choice

11:00 am_____________________Depart from breakfast and head to Royal Botanic Garders via _______________________________subway

1:00 pm______________________Depart from Botanic Gardens to restaurant of your choice

3:00 pm______________________Depart from restaurant to the Sydney Opera House (Show ______________________________bgeins at 4:00 and ends at 7:00) via taxi cab

7:00 pm______________________Dinner at restaurant of your choice

8:30 pm______________________Travel to Darling Harbour via Taxi cab

10:00 pm_____________________Head back to hotel via Taxi cab

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