Spanish 3

Weeks 17 & 18, December 19-21; January 3-13

con la Sra. Aguirre

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I will be traveling to Cuba December 21-29!

I will be traveling to Cuba December 21-29. I am very excited about this adventure!

I have been told that Cuba has very little, if any, internet/wifi services, so I will be unavailable to answer questions/texts/emails/phone calls for these dates. I have communicated with students about this and asked them to note this in their calendar! After December 29, I will be available to help students if needed as I will be checking communication each day.

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What should students be working on?

Students should have already finished Unit 8! Any work from Units 5-8 is due by Friday, January 6! No exceptions! The holiday vacation is a great time for students to catch up on any missing assignments from Units 5-8.

In addition, students should be thinking about the Final Project, Final Exam and attending an RLC for the Final Project/Exam! The Final Project and Exam count 15% of a student's grade! The Final Project, Final Exam and attending an RLC for the Final Project/Exam must be submitted by Friday, January 13 when the class will close.

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When are the RLCs (Required Live Classes) for the Final Project/Exam?

There are no RLCs for the Final Project/Exam until after our Christmas vacation. See below for the schedule for January:

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How are grades calculated?

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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre