Sony Child Labor

Have you ever wondered if Sony uses child labor?

Sony used Chinese students to build the PS4, and use African kids to find the minerals for the products

Chinese students have been forced to assemble the ps4. They were suppose to glue parts of the console, which gave them credits. If the students refused they lost six credits, which give them a worse chance of graduation.

IT engineering students at China's Xi'an Institute of Technology claim they were made to glue parts of the console together in bad factory conditions in order to earn course credits.

Foxconn is the name of the company where the Chinese students worked.

In Africa, Sony and other major companies have failed to show that the minerals haven't been mined or found by children. It was found that in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, children age 7 have worked in dangerous conditions outside and they're working for Sony. The children working in the mines most likely will have long term health problems. There is around 40,000 children working in the mines, also because of the working conditions, there was right around 80 deaths.

Samsung and Apple, who were also involved, said that they didn't tolerate the child labor. Sony said that they were working with the companies that were using the kids to mine for finding issues on the working conditions and human rights.

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A 14 year old named Paul said that he's been working in the mines since he was 12, he also said that he had to work 24 hours in it. He said that he even had to relieve himself in the tunnels. His foster mother had wanted to send him to school, but his foster father wanted to make him work in the mines. He also told reporters that working in the mines for a very long time makes him sick.

What can you do?

Whatever you do don't stop buying their products, because then they won't get enough money to pay the children. You could write write them a note saying that you won't buy anything from them until they change, but you still do. If you do that they might change because they don't want to lose any customers, or they won't care because it's only one person. If they do that then go around telling a lot of people.
Child Labour Mining in Democratic Republic of Congo


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