By: Christian Rodriguez

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  • Bhutan revolves around Buddhism
  • Buddhism is a mainreligion in India and has 900 million followers
  • Their Religious beliefs are influenced through the their lives
  • Bhutan has a lot of festivals that leave visitors impressed and pleased


Economics has changed Bhutan culture over the years. Bhutan has made major improvements to their economics by improving social welfare, free health facilities for 90% of the country. Bhutan is a LDC ( Least Developed Country) but since their recently un-banning immergration, Bhutan is growing since the culture is spreading.


Bhutan politics has changed since their government changed, Bhutans government un-banned television, immergration, Internet. The only political crisis in recent history is minority rights. Jigme Singye Wangchuck was king from 1972-2006, generally viewed as a capable leader. He changed their government for the better instead a Monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. From King to head of state.