The Cell Cycle

Jeremy Chassereau and Sayanna Bautista


  • 90 percent of cell cycle
  • It is divided into three stages
  • Three stages are G1,S, and G2
  • G1 is the first growth phase
  • S is the synthesis where DNA replicates
  • G2 is the second growth phase where it gets ready for mitosis
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  • First stage of mitosis
  • The nucleus and nuclear membrane began to fade or disappear
  • Centrioles start to move to the opposite side of the cell
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  • Chromosomes start to line up in the middle of the cell
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  • Chromosome pairs separate to form chromatids
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  • 2 new nuclei are formed
  • Chromatid is coiled into DNA
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  • Cytoplasm splits in 2
  • 2 new cells are formed
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Things in the cell

  • Chromotid-Half of a Chromosome
  • Chromosome-Carries genetic information
  • Centromere-What holds the two Chromotids together
  • Centrioles-Organelle that comes in pairs
  • Spindle fibers-A protein structure that divides the genetic material