Puma Periodical

May 2015


Yes, that's right folks! We are officially under the 30 day mark. That means that it's about to fly by here at MPMS. The final thirty is jam packed with as much celebration as there is testing. Let's focus on the celebration part first!

Claws : Celebrate Good Times...COME ON!

We are so proud to graduate these 6th grade kiddos to the 2nd floor! While we will miss their smiling faces each day, we knew what the end goal was, upward and onward! To finish out the year celebrating their accomplishments we have decided to take a step back into the world of fiction! We are engaging in literature circles and reading folktales from around the world! So far, it's been a blast! We will be starting our final end of the year project soon. Student will be creating their own scripts and acting out their own folktales for the class.

Paws: Celebrate Good Times...COME ON!

Our Paws students are diligently working on their final project of the year as well. They are creating an argument essay debating whether of not we should ban eating contests! The debate is hot and students are really getting into their sides of the issue. They too will be creating their own oral arguments to be heard by our resident former lawyer, Mrs. Vining! Should be a fun debate!

End of the Year Details

Our EOG testing will be taking place the week of the 26th. Please make sure that your students are getting to bed on time and eating a hearty breakfast the morning of. We want to keep level heads about testing and students' anxiety levels low. The more well rested they feel, the more confident they will be going in for a long testing period. Please help us to make this as positive of an experience as we can.

Eating Contests in Action

Watch with caution :)
2014 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - Joey Chestnut Wins 8th Consecutive Title!