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Summer Resource Link for Parents!

Health & Wellness Resources for Kids!

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Therapy/Counseling Resources

Please contact Nikki Christensen ( or 262-275-6881 ext. 219) if you are interested in learning more about our partnerships with area therapy and counseling resources.
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Sound Bath Experience!

Kim Lempart offers private and individual sessions for 60 or 90 minutes in her home or yours. See flyer below for more information regarding sound baths and specific information for upcoming sound baths.

Please feel free to contact her via this email,

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20 Coping Skills for Children & Adults!

Write it out
  • write it out and throw it out
  • journaling
  • write a letter to yourself or someone else


  • give yourself a hug
  • rub your ears
  • hold your own hand

Use your body

  • stretch
  • push against a wall
  • exercise
  • yoga: child's pose, downward dog


  • walk in nature
  • put technology away


  • imagine a train of thoughts
  • identify five senses
  • focus on your breath


  • music
  • guided meditations


  • art
  • make a picture for someone
  • write someone a letter

Free Early Childhood Parenting Resource

Walworth County Food Pantry

The Walworth County Food Pantry has amazing fresh produce, meat/protein items, dairy, and anything you could imagine to make wonderful meals. In addition, they have diapers, feminine hygiene supplies, baby formula, senior nutrition drinks like Boost etc. The link is below to get started. Pick up is on Friday afternoon 1-4pm or Saturday morning 9-11am. Please note an ID is needed to be a part of the program. ​ They have Christmas turkeys and ham right now in addition to the regular service, and they have an amazing hydroponic garden for nutritious fresh produce that is really impressive.

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Parenting Resources

The Parenting Network: More free workshops and discussion groups for parents including Dealing with Disobedience, Taming Temper Tantrums, Behavior at School, Self-Esteem, and Bullying. More information here:

Parents United: Free workshops for parents and professionals, which can now be attended virtually! Workshop topics include: Supporting students with ADHD, Resiliency, Mindfulness, and from ACES to Assets. More information here:

Energy Assistance

Need rent or utilities assistance? Contact or call 262-427-8505