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Wellness Wednesday for Parents!

Join us at Fontana School on Wednesday December 8th @ 8:15 AM for another Wellness Wednesday for Parents. We will have a licensed esthetician with over 20 years experience come and speak to us. She will cover health and wellness topics that include everything from how to manage teen acne to anti-aging. See you there!
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Gifts for the Holiday Season

Interested in receiving some free gifts for your kiddos for the holiday season? Reach out to Nikki Christensen, or 262-275-6881 ext. 219
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Community Events!

The third Wednesday of every month, a group of panelists will come together in the James A. Wehner Auditorium at Elkhorn Area High School to have a conversation on topics ranging from addiction to healthy relationships to mental health and planning for college. There will be no events in December. See below for first event in January.

On January 19th there will be a conversation on what is happening in the community, building relationships with law enforcement, and resources available.

To register CLICK HERE

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See Group Opportunities Below!

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FREE Wellness Opportunities for Parents!

We are now offering an individual consultation with a physical trainer and/or nutritionist, as well as a wellness app for your phone/device to those parents who are interested! If you are, please contact Nikki Christensen (, 262-275-6881 #219).
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What's For Lunch Program 2021-2022 School Year

You can contact Nikki Christensen if you are interested in receiving two weekend lunches for each child in your household during the 2021-2022 school year. Each child's lunch consists of sandwich or soup, and fruit. All families are invited to participate and the cost of this program is NOTHING! This program is generously sponsored by friends of Fontana School.

Le gustaría recibir alimentos gratis del Green Grocer cada jueves durante el 2021-2022 año escolar? Enviaremos los alimentos cada jueves con su hijo al fin del día. Déjeme saber lo más pronto posible.

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Social-Emotional Learning Activities For Home!

There is a wonderful resource called GoNoodle. GoNoodle for Families is a website that engages kids in movement and mindfulness activities that are designed to promote physical wellness, academic success and social-emotional health. Enjoy!

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Facts About Resilience and Stress Hardiness

Stress hardiness is not the avoidance of stress, but a positive response to stressful situations and the ability to minimize their negative effects. You can learn to manage stress and become more "stress hardy" at any stage of your life. Research suggests that people who are resilient or stress hardy carry common traits. These common traits include...

#1: People who tend to be more resilient to stress also tend to have a connection to "something bigger." Often times we think about religion when we hear this. But this doesn't have to mean religion. Rather, it can mean a connection to ANYTHING. Some kind of mission/personal mantra/theme/sense of purpose, that you continue to consider or to revolve decisions around. TedTalk: Beyond the Cliff. This TedTalk is about 20 minutes long, but it is worth the watch. As the video quotes (Howard Thurman), "Don't ask yourself what the world needs...ask yourself what makes YOU come alive and then go and do that."

#2: Highly resilient people tend to focus on what they can control. This may sound easier said than done. People who are resilient are also really good at choosing where they focus their attention; they don't diminish the negative, but they have also worked out a way of tuning into the good (in psychology this is called "benefit finding"). As we know, practice does make things easier and eventually, we can shift our focus bit by bit to the things/feelings/events that are within our circle of control and let the rest go!

#3: People who tend to be resilient also tend to view problems/adversity as a CHALLENGE they want to overcome. It is all about switching your mindset in times of adversity and trying to change your perspective to something more positive; viewing problems as a challenge to overcome just makes it feel like you are running some kind of race or setting your own personal goal that you can take ownership of. It changes things. What we all know is adversity doesn't discriminate - life will always find a way to throw in some tough times. By viewing these tough times as a challenge to overcome, we can put ourselves back in that driver's seat and get to the real work, problem solving.

Area Therapy and Counseling

Please contact Nikki Christensen ( or 262-275-6881 ext. 219) if you are interested in learning more about area therapy and counseling resources.

Parenting Resources

The Parenting Network: More free workshops and discussion groups for parents including Dealing with Disobedience, Taming Temper Tantrums, Behavior at School, Self-Esteem, and Bullying. More information here:

Parents United: Free workshops for parents and professionals, which can now be attended virtually! Workshop topics include: Supporting students with ADHD, Resiliency, Mindfulness, and from ACES to Assets. More information here:

Energy Assistance

Need rent or utilities assistance? Contact or call 262-427-8505