Audience: Kinder, 1st, and 2nd Grade Math Teachers

Middle of Year Assessment

Texas Early Mathematics Inventory (TEMI): Progress Measure (PM)

Testing Window January 25-29

Data Entry by February 5th

3-Tier Math Model Website

This website provides teacher resources for TEMI including Assessment and Intervention Materials. username: texas teacher password: mathematics

2015-2016 Descriptive Ratings

The descriptive rating have been narrowed down to three tiers:

  • Met Standard
  • Progressing
  • Intervention Required

District Forms

District forms can be found on TEKS Resource System: District Resources: 2015-2016 Local Assessments: Elementary: Math: TEMI.

District Forms Posted:

Student Tests

Student Recording Sheets

Cut Scores for Eduphoria:Aware

Hailey Veron

Elementary/Intermediate Math Coordinator

Curriculum and Instruction Division

Crowley Independent School District