When did Russian Immigrants come?

Today you will learn about the first Russians in the U.S.

When did Russian immigrants first Come ?

  • when the group came to the United States? Russians had claimed Alaska in 1741 which is now part of the USA. They later sold it to the US in 1867, many Russians that lived in Alaska moved either stayed there or moved to parts of California and Oregon. The first wave of Russian immigrants came in the half of the nineteenth century and twentieth century before WWI.

Why the group came to the United States?

  • Many Russians and Jews that lived in Russia came to america due to the Industrial revolution and the freedom that the USA provided. They also came because of the bad weather that was ruining the crops and was causing them to starve to death.

How the group got to the United States?

Many Russian immigrants came to the US by ships/boats. Earlier Russian groups that were in Alaska were believed to cross to Alaska by the Bering Land Bridge.

What US immigration laws or policies were in effect at the time of the group's migration?

  • There was no laws or policies on immigration until January 1, 1891 when the immigration act regulated regulated immigration and would inspect and deport immigrants that were unfit or sick to work. They started to tax immigrants 50 cents to come or land on Ellis Islands. In the 1940’s the Alien Registration Act required the registration and fingerprints of adult aliens/ immigrants that came to the United States.

How many members of their group came to the United States?

In 1820 through 1870 only about 7,550 immigrants came to the USA. In 1881 when famine and cholera affected Russia over 10,00 Russian's came to the USA in about a year. Between the years 1891 through the 1900’s 593,700 Russians came to the United states. In the 1901 to 1910 there was even more Russian immigrants about 1.6 million. Then in 1911 to 1914 868,000 more came to the United States. Then during the outbreak of WWI and the Russian Revolution the Russian dropped to 43,000.

How the United States' population received and/or treated the group?

The panic of 1893 that led to a 4 year depression in the US caused many Americans to discriminant Russian Immigrants and many other immigrants.

Where the group settled?

The first Russian Immigrants settled in Alaska and some parts of Oregon and California. But the first actual immigrants that settled in the United states settled in new York and many east coast states.

Jobs the group typically found ?

Many Russians came to the USA during the industrialization time they worked in many of the low paying long hour factories. Russians and many other immigrant groups were considered cheap labor workers and often got payed little to nothing.

Contributions the group made to the United States and its culture?

The main contributions that Russian brought to the United States was there food, language and preforming arts.

Influence the group had on their homelands as a result of its migration?

Many Russians Immigrants took back traditions music and other american customs and foods back to their home land .

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