Ms.Boettler's Class Newsletter

May 18-21

From the Lyon Office

RepMO at Home Learning Activities

The final day of instruction for elementary students will be Tuesday, May 19th. RepMO at Home Learning Activities will be provided both online and in packet form through this date. The RepMO at Home schedule for the remaining few weeks of school is below:

  • May 18th RepMO at Home Week 8 and Summer Fun Edition

End of Year Grades: As previously indicated, elementary work distributed during the closure is optional and will not be assessed. Therefore, a 4th quarter grade card will not be distributed for grades kindergarten through 5th grade.

Student Supplies

All supplies will be disposed of on May 22. If you wish to come pick these up, please contac the Lyon office to make an appointment for pick up. Office hours are 9:00-3:00, Monday through Friday.


Yearbooks are currently being printed and have not been delivered to our schools at this time. As soon as they are delivered we will let families know. Families will be able to make an appointment to pick up yearbooks or they can wait until Open House at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.

Summer Safari

STRIPES 360 will be offering summer care for all Republic school students. Deadline to complete the online registration is May 21. Use this link to register:

For more information visit:

What are we learning?

I wanted to give you a head's up that next week's learning opportunities plan looks a little different. The plans for Day 1 and Day 2 look like they have the last few weeks. Then there is one box for Summer Fun Learning Opportunities. In this box there is a link to a choice board with a lot of different options for students. Please reach out if you have questions!

Link for digital learning opportunities week of May 11th:

Link for learning packet week of May 11th:

Link for digital learning opportunities week of May 18th:

Link for learning packet week of May 18th:

Student Supplies

I'm so thankful that I got to see some of you during the Supply Pick Up! I heard that I missed a handful of you during the Wednesday morning time when I wasn't there. I wanted to give you a few important bits of information specifically about our class.

-There were quite a few headphones that didn't have names on them and weren't in the bags with student names. If you get your child's supply bag and are missing their headphones, please send me an email describing them and I will have them available for you to pick up when I am allowed back in my classroom in the fall.

-I went through student book boxes when I packed up supplies. I tried my best to make sure student books that belonged to them were put in their supply bags. I also returned library books that were left in book boxes to the library. If your child is missing a book that belongs to them and was left in the room OR if your child accidentally ended up with a book that belongs to me or the library please email me and let me know.

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