You should go get you some!!!


They used to call them chucks, founded in Malden,Massachusetts(February 1908). Converse was producing shoes daily by 1910.The shoe has become a fashionable icon for many celebrities.

My connection to Converses

I wear Converses to go shopping,spend time with my family and friends,walk in,and wear to school. These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes I've ever worn!

Some pictures of Converses-

Day in the life of-

A person that would wear these shoes would be someone who goes to school or someone who walks/maybe run. The person that could be wearing these would probably also wear these in the rain. Sometimes people could wear them when it's icy/snowy outside,since they have a good bottom on them!

My opinion

I think Converses are confortable, I wear them about every where I go. I love wearing converses because they are really good shoes and they have a good bottom on them. That's why I wear them when it's rainy out side.