Curriculum Department Updates

February 2021

Local Assessment Survey

Curriculum contacts were sent an email concerning a Local Assessment Survey from PDE. Two informational sessions were held on Monday this week to address the survey request. PDE is asking for one individual from each LEA to complete this survey by Friday, February 19th.

Statewide Accelerated Learning Plan

  • Stakeholder input
  • Assessment (local assessment survey)
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Academics
  • SEL
  • MTSS

Flexible Instruction Days Application

If you are planning on applying for FID for the 2021-2022 school year, the deadline to apply is going to be June 30, 2021.

2021 Spring Testing Windows

As we stand today, there is not a Federal waiver available that would exempt us from testing. We have extended the testing windows to provide flexibility to accommodate the need for social distancing, cleaning, and scheduling considerations. Schools may test small groups of students over longer periods of time. Schools should develop a plan to test as many students as safely possible within the guidelines of their local Health and Safety plan.

PVAAS Upcoming Webinars

  • What Decisions? So, What Data? - District Leader focus (Feb 23, 9-10am)
  • What Decisions? So, What Data? - School Leader focus (Feb 25, 9-10am)
  • What Decisions? So, What Data? - Teacher Leader focus (March 3, 9-10am)
  • Planning for Next Year: Beyond Past Practices to Effective Data Use – Elementary focus (April 6, 9-10am & April 15, 1-2pm)
  • Planning for Next Year: Beyond Past Practices to Effective Data Use – Secondary focus (April 8, 1-2pm & April 13, 9-10am)

Link to Schedule and Connection Links

Comprehensive Planning

The Phase 2 Comprehensive Planning deadline has been extended to November 30, 2021. The Phase 3 Comprehensive Planning deadline has been extended to March 30, 2022. You may submit the plan at any point prior to this date as well.

Help Guides for the Prepare for Planning Phase

Comprehensive Planning Google Site

Comprehensive Planning Tip Jar

Your IU Curriculum Department Offerings

Join us for Remake Learning Days – Northwestern PA!

May 6-16, 2021

Remake Learning Days (RLD)

An innovative learning festival for families and youth. Northwestern PA is one of 17 regions involved across the country. These hands-on and engaging events are designed for kids of all ages at libraries, schools, tech centers, museums, play spaces, community centers, and more.

Participate as an Event Host!

Remake Learning Days would not be a success without event hosts like you. YOU can be a part of this national festival.

It can be as simple as an already planned in-class event/project. It doesn't have to be publicly OPEN for individuals to attend - just publicly VIEWABLE for the community to see/hear what's happening in your school building OR it could be a spring showcase for parents/families (whether virtual or F2F), a virtual Goosechase, etc. I know there are some great things happening in our schools - let's highlight Northwestern PA through the Remake Learning Days festival!

Here are examples of events happening in schools during Remake Learning Days:

Submit Your Event:

Submit your event to by February 26, 2021, to be included in RLD marketing materials.

Chronic Absenteeism (NEW)

In this four-hour training, we will review the problems and negative effects chronic absenteeism has on the students, classroom, school, family, and community as well as the research findings. We will evaluate what works and does not work ultimately creating an outline of a multi-system of support plan for absenteeism. Participants will obtain a wide range of resources to support their plan including: possible approaches, motivations, and parent/community supports. Click here to see a SMORE about this session.

Content Area Reading Strategies (NEW)

In this seven-hour training, you will become familiar with the shared literacy standards in the content areas. You will also become confident in implementing before, during, and after reading strategies to scaffold reading comprehension for your students to access content area text. Click here for a SMORE about this session.

Filling the Gaps in Math through Meaningful Instruction (NEW)

This series will focus on the learning gaps of our math students, underlying causes, and ways we can help them overcome a variety of barriers to close their learning gaps. Participants will look at their current curriculum pacing, formative assessments that can be used in the classroom and online to drive instruction, best practices to deliver content, and more. Although the training is focused on struggling learners, many of the strategies and techniques can be used with all learners to provide meaningful math instruction. For more information, click here.

This is a self-paced asynchronous training available in Google Classroom.

Guest Teacher Program

IU 6 Guest Teacher – January 26

Flyer with dates for the next two years

  • 6 attendees
    • 3 certified
    • 3 still working on paperwork/incomplete
    • People can get certified anytime (rolling enrollment)
    • March 30 is our next face to face training event

IU28 Guest Teacher

  • 7 participants in January
  • Running a third virtual session beginning March 1
  • Looking at 2020-2021, we are intending to expand the program to include 2 face to face training opportunities and two virtual training opportunities

Engineering By Design

Engineering by Design (EbD™) is a comprehensive pre-K-12 resource for integrative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics instruction. Access to all PreK-12 EbD™ content is available for download at no cost to PA educators.

Need more information? Click here and join us to get started using these resources in your classroom:

IU6: Dates and format of offering available upon request by districts.

IU28: Offered Asychronously beginning March 30, 2021


SOLE stands for Self Organized Learning Environment and is a teaching strategy that draws on children's natural curiosity to create a dynamic space to learn, interact, and develop critical problem solving skills. For more information, click here.

Both IUS 6 and 28 are offering free training sessions for our district teachers on StartSOLE.

To register for this training go to

IU6: March 8, 2021 from 9:00-11:00am

IU28: Available Asychronously on March 22, 2021


Computer Science in PA

Computer Science Certification

This is preliminary information released by the Department of Education in a press release, and we are awaiting further details. The press release includes the Computer Science Program Guidelines:

PDE: Stem and Computer Science FAQs

  1. K-8 Computer Science Virtual Pathway: Spring and Summer Cohorts Available
  2. Additional CS Opportunities through RIU#6 and our Partners
  3. Hour of Code: At Home Edition
  4. CS Exam - FREE Self-Paced Online CS Praxis Prep Course, Learn More HERE

School Counselor Network

IU 6 is hosting a spring school counselor networking session on March 9th. Please click here for more information.

PIIC (Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching)

Agenda for Thursday, February 25th

Future Meeting Dates:

  • Wednesday, March 24th
  • Monday, May 17th

Tech Integrators

RIU#6 will host Technology Integrator Meetings again this year. 3 different times to accommodate as many schedules as possible!

  • 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM
  • 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
  • 3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

Connection Link

Join us: Feb 18, March 18, April 15, and May 20

ARIN IU 28 is hosting Technology Integrators sessions again this year. We are meeting from 2:30 pm - 4 pm on the following dates at

February 24, March 23, May 18