SWE Pony Tracks

May 5

Copy Paper

Mrs. Swinson is passing out the remaining copy paper. Each classroom should receive half a box. That is 2500 sheets of paper for each classroom. Please use it wisely. We will not be receiving any more paper until next year.


This past week was extremely busy, but absolutely amazing! Thank you to everyone who helped this past week, it was a huge success! There were so many compliments from parents and staff about field day, the book fair, the step up information and the classroom observations. You all are truly amazing and none of this could have been done with out you!
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Thank you!

This week is one of the most exciting weeks! This week is all about celebrating and showing our appreciation for all of you. We appreciate all that you do on a daily basis, but this week is especially important. As we start to become overwhelmed with everything that we need to do is such a short amount of time, it is important that we take the time to breath and enjoy the time we have left with our students....

Staff Appreciation Days

Spring Fling!

Monday- Bring a Flower

Tuesday- Write a Note

Wednesday- Staff Luncheon

Thursday- Shower with Office Supplies

At a Glance:

May 7-11: Staff Appreciation

May 8: Principal's meeting Castle gone, Volleyball after school

May 9: EOY test training-Stitz and Walsh gone, Grade chair meeting

May 10: Yoga in Down's room

May 15: K show 8:45 first set if classes, Volleyball after school, CiCi's night

May 16: Committee meetings 3:30

May 17: Yoga in Down's room

May 22: K show 8:45 2nd set of classes, Volleyball after school

May 23: Workshop Wednesday- EOG Test Training for All Staff

May 24: Yoga in Down's room

May 25: Extend 1 Testing, 3rd Grade WAVE


May 29: Volleyball after school

May 30: MATH EOG GRADES 3-5, K to park and 1st Grade to Pine Knoll Shores

May 31: ELA EOG GRADES 3-5, Principal's meeting (will probably be canceled), 2nd grade to Pine Knoll Shore, Yoga in Down's room (you need to do this!)


June 4: RTA test select 3rd graders

June 5: Volleyball after school

June 7: 3rd grade ELA retest select students


June 11: Locked in Workday

June 12: Locked in Workday

June 13: Work Day, unconference at Dixon Middle School

June 23-27: Castle, Berry, Jacobs, Ashley at ISTE