Experiential & Interactive Training

Training Department ensures boosting skills & productivity!

Communication Skills Course

The training occurred for two days from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm and was targeted towards customer relations, Tech. support, and sales departments at Modern Motors. During the training, participants learned to communicate with all levels and use communication tools more effectively, work proactively on solving miscommunication problems, understand different personality types and their own and learn how to deal with them, and to write a professional email.

International Internal Audit standards Program


The IIAS training program was delivered by Dr.Amr Yassin (CIA) and took place over six sessions, 5 hours each and was targeted towards the professionals at the Business development department, and SOP at SIG and Modern Motors. By the end of the program, participants were able to identify and understand the basic principles of the profession of internal audit, how to apply the internal audit charter, independence and objectivity, professionalism, and audit quality assurance, how to manage the internal audit activities, planning and conducting the internal audit engagement, and how to communicate auditing results, follow-up results, and acceptance of risk management.

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Operational and tactical planning workshop

For two days, our employees were trained on the techniques of operational and tactical planning. The training was held very beneficial by the attendees for its critical role in developing the planning activities in each department.

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