Aqua Car H2O

A car that slices through water

Efficient, Fast, and Affordable

A car that runs on water. It has more mileage than a gas consuming car while being environment friendly. This car keeps your family safe from the most accidents.Don't be that one guy that is the only one at the gas station. Be in the new amazing car of the century that everyone is talking about. Aqua car H20, the car that slices through water!

Car starts at: $30,500

100 City/ 140 Highway

Car comes in many colors that fits your style!

Aqua Car H20 message to the people.

Everyday chemicals from car exhausts from millions cause global warming. Global warming is a serious issue that could affect our children in the future. It will make the global temperature higher than it should be. So us from the company of Aqua Car has made a commitment to help save the environment. Come join us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and follow us to show your support.