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Great articles for hesitant kids on wearing a mask

How Parents Can Help Kids Wear A Mask?

Masks or cloth face coverings on adults and kids over 2 years old can help slow the spread of the virus. Here are some ways to help kids wear masks when you go out:

  • Help kids get used to masks. As much as you can, give kids time to practice wearing their masks before they might need to wear one outside of your home. Teach them how to put them on and take them off.
  • Encourage kids to decorate their mask. This might help them feel a sense of ownership and control over the situation. A personal touch can help make it more of a normal part of their routine, and make it more likely they'll want to wear their mask. Depending on the type of mask, kids can draw on it with markers or put stickers on it.
  • Make them together. If you make masks or cloth face coverings at home, let older kids help you. There are no-sew masks that are easy to make, often with materials you probably already have (T-shirts, bandannas, etc.). If you sew masks, maybe kids can select the fabric or patterns for the masks they'll wear.
  • Help make it fun. With younger kids, introduce a sense of play. Kids can pretend to be a doctor or nurse while wearing their masks. They might want to use a doctor kit and "take care" of a stuffed animal or doll.
  • Have a few masks handy while kids play. This lets them use their imagination about how to use them during playtime. It also helps make masks a more normal part of their everyday world. You can ask your child to put a mask on a stuffed animal, and then ask follow-up questions about why the stuffed animal is wearing the mask. Depending on your child's response, you can clear up any confusion and offer reassurance.

Upcoming events!

Dates to Remember

2/22, This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole (Zoom)
2/23, 6:30, "Pictionary With the Ducks!" - UO Athlete/Holt Virtual Event (Zoom)
2/24, 9:00-9:45am, Virtual Coffee with the Principal (Zoom)
2/26, Fancy Day - SPIRIT DAY!
2/26, Lunch Bunch w/Ms. Darla - KG 12:00, 3/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1:00 (Zoom)
3/3, 8:30-9:00, Student Council (Zoom)
3/3, 9:00-9:45am, Virtual Coffee with the Principal (Zoom)
3/3, 4:30, Poetry Club with Ms. Katharine (Zoom)
3/4, 8:00-3:00, Supply Distribution (Front Entrance)
3/4, 11:00-1:00, Kona Ice - Holt Shave Ice Fundraiser! (Front Entrance)
3/5, Lunch Bunch w/Ms. Darla - KG 12:00, 3/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1:00 (Zoom)
3/8, Shift to Hybrid and Same School Online Classes
3/11, 11:00-10:00, Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream - Holt Night Out Fundraiser


NAACP/ LAABSS Parent Night Monday 2/22 6-7:30

Once a month, the Lane NAACP & Lane ESD African-American-Black Student Success program are hosting a Parent Night. Join them to help answer questions and share resources & supports around education for Black students & families. See the Eventbrite Link for details.

NAACP/LAABSS Parent Information Night

NAACP/ LAABSS noche de los padres Lunes 2/22 6-7:30pm

Una vez al mes, el programa Lane NAACP & Lane ESD African-American-Black Student Success organiza una Noche de Padres. Únase a ellos para ayudar a responder preguntas y compartir recursos y apoyos en torno a la educación para estudiantes y familias. Consulta el enlace de Eventbrite para más detalles.

YMCA After School Care Update

YMCA After School Care Updates

The Eugene YMCA will once again be the on-site after-school child care provider for Holt students once we return to in person learning. They are still in the planning stages, but a few knowns are:

• Registration will begin the first week of March.
• Registration will first be open to the families who are in their current programs and will then open up registration to others.
• YMCA can have a group of 20 youth on Monday and Tuesday, and 20 youth on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday is the unknown at this time.
• Programs will run until 6:00PM.

YMCA after school care

YMCA actualizaciones sobre el cuidado después de la escuela

El YMCA de Eugene volverá a ser el proveedor de cuidado infantil in situ para los estudiantes de Holt una vez que volvamos al aprendizaje en persona. Todavía están en las etapas de planificación, pero algunos conocimientos son:

• La inscripción comenzará la primera semana de marzo.
• La inscripción estará abierta primero a las familias que están en sus programas actuales y luego abrirá la inscripción a otros.
• YMCA puede tener un grupo de 20 jóvenes el lunes y el martes, y 20 jóvenes el jueves y el viernes. El miércoles es lo desconocido en este momento.
• Programas funcionaran hasta las 6pm

Optional Holt Virtual Events

Optional Holt Virtual Events!

This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole - Monday, February 22 @6:30
Pictionary with the Ducks! - Tuesday, February 23 @6:30
Student Council – Wednesday, March 3 @8:30
This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole - Monday, March 8 @5:30
Holt Bolt Jumpathon! - Wednesday, March 10 @1:00
Slime w/Ms. Talley - Wednesday, March 30, @6:30

Zoom link info can be found below and on the Holt Family Calendar and click below for the complete February Calendar of Events!

Optional Online Events

¡Eventos virtuales opcionales de Holt!

Esta semana en los deportes con Sr. Cole - Lunes Feb 22 @ 5:30pm
Diccionario con los patos - Martes Feb 23 @ 6:30pm
Consejo estudiantil Miércoles 3 de Marzo @ 8:30am
Esta semana en los deportes con Sr. Cole - Lunes 8 de Marzo @ 5:30pm
Holt Bolt Saltaron - Miércoles 10 de Marzo @ 1pm
Slime con Ms. Talley - Miércoles, 30 de Marzo @ 6:30pm

La información del enlace de Zoom se puede encontrar abajo y en el Calendario de la Familia Holt y haga clic abajo para el Calendario de Eventos de Febrero completo!

Hybrid and Class List Information

Hybrid & Same School Online Updates

If you missed it, check the latest 4J Back to School Update: Timeline for Hybrid Learning. It includes the updated timeline below that now has all students switching to their Hybrid and Same School Online classes starting March 8th and also has grades 2-5 now starting on April 5th.

Class Lists and Cohort Family Notification

Families will receive an email this Friday who your teacher will be starting March 8th. Student in hybrid will also learn if they are in Cohort A or B. Most families selected the hybrid pathway, which means most students will stay with their current teacher when we shift on March 3rd. Watch for a welcome email this Friday, which will be from the teacher your child will have for the remainder of the school year. Stay tuned for additional information in future Quick News and School District 4J communications for what Hybrid and Same School Online will look like.

Hybrid and Class Information

Híbrido y la misma escuela Actualizaciones en línea

Si te lo perdiste, consulta el último 4J volver a la actualización escolar: Cronología del aprendizaje híbrido. Incluye la línea de tiempo actualizada a continuación que ahora tiene todos los estudiantes que cambian a su híbrido y la misma escuela clases en línea a partir del 8 de marzo y también tiene grados 2-5 ahora a partir del 5 de abril.

Listas de clases y notificación de la familia de cohortes

Las familias recibirán un correo electrónico este viernes que su maestro comenzará el 8 de marzo. El estudiante en híbrido también aprenderá si están en la Cohorte A o B. La mayoría de las familias seleccionaron la ruta híbrida, lo que significa que la mayoría de los estudiantes se quedarán con su maestro actual cuando cambiemos el 3 de marzo. Esté atento a un correo electrónico de bienvenida este viernes, que será de la maestra que su hijo tendrá para el resto del año escolar. Manténgase en sintonía para obtener información adicional en el futuro Quick News y comunicaciones del Distrito Escolar 4J sobre cómo se verá Híbrido y la misma escuela en linea.

Mark your calendar for March 4th for supply pick up!

Supply Distribution March 4th
Jumpathon Shirts & Holt Bolt Jump Ropes!

The March Student Supply Distribution is next week on Thursday, March 4th, 8:00-3:00. This time we'll have Jumpathon T-Shirts and Holt Bolt Jump Ropes!

Supply Pick Up- March 4th

Distribución de suministros 4 de Marzo

La distribución de suministros es la próxima semana en Jueves, 4 de Marzo 8am-3pm. Esta ves tendremos camisas de saltatón y cuerdas de saltar.

Jumpathon!!! Coming to Holt on March 10th!!

Holt Jumpathon, March 10th

In place of the annual Holt Bolt, this year we are having The Holt Jumpathon, which will be March 10th at 1:00. All students and staff will wear their Holt Jumpathon T-Shirts, which we'll give out at the March 4th Supply Distribution, along with Holt Bolt Jump Ropes for every student. For participating in the Jumpathon, students will have a chance to win prized including:

• Jordan Kent Camp
• A HUGE Teddy Bear
• Razor Scooter
• Hula Hoops
• Papas Pizza (The LARGE ones!)
• Few other prizes

Students should watch for a Seesaw lesson coming for how to participate in the drawings and how to win some of these fabulous prizes!

We'd like to give a special thanks the following sponsors for supporting this event:

• Cascade Chemistry
• Rexius
• Jurassic Storage
• Steele Group Insurance
• Powers Howard LLP
• The Josh Cooley Team
• Dr. Dennis Dunne
• Crisp Landscaping
• Jordan Kent Skills Camp
• Papas Pizza
• Quality Research Associates

Holt Jumpathon! March 10th

Holt Saltatón 10 de Marzo

En lugar del Holt Bolt anual, este año tendremos The Holt Saltatón, que será el 10 de marzo a la 1:00. Todos los estudiantes y el personal usarán sus camisetas Holt Saltatón, que entregaremos en la Distribución de Suministros del 4 de marzo, junto con Holt Bolt cuerdas de saltar para cada estudiante. Por participar en el Saltatón, los estudiantes tendrán la oportunidad de ganar el premio incluyendo:

• Campamento de Jordan Kent
• Un enorme Oso de peluche
• Patineta
• Aros
• Pizza de Papa's pizza (los mas grande)
• Algunos otros premios

Los estudiantes deben estar atentos a una lección de Seesaw por cómo participar en el sorteo de premios y cómo ganar algunos de estos fabulosos premios!

Agradecemos especialmente a los siguientes patrocinadores por apoyar este evento:

• Cascade Chemistry
• Rexius
• Jurassic Storage
• Steele Group Insurance
• Powers Howard LLP
• The Josh Cooley Team
• Dr. Dennis Dunne
• Crisp Landscaping
• Jordan Kent Skills Camp
• Papas Pizza
• Quality Research Associates

OBOB- Oregon Battle of Book

Oregon Battle Of Book (OBOB) Updates

All eleven of our OBOB teams battled with lots of heart and dedication this year. We are so proud of the Holt OBOB teams. They read many of books, battled one another, and all students who participated in battles will get a celebration later in the school year. We are excited to announce that the team with the most points in the final round is the 4th grade, "Klever Koalas" consisting of: Runa B., Joie R., Kaitlyn G. and Cora C. Great job girls! They will go on to virtually battle other schools around the state for fun. Unfortunately, due to COVID, there is not going to be a Regional or State battle this year. If your child wants to get a jump start on next year's OBOB, the Oregon Association of School Libraries has released the titles for the first eight of the sixteen books for OBOB 2021-2022. We hope to have them in our library soon!

OBOB- Oregon Battle of Books

Actualizaciones de Oregon Battle Of Book (OBOB)

Los once equipos de OBOB lucharon con mucho corazón y dedicación este año. Estamos muy orgullosos de los equipos de Holt OBOB. Leyeron muchos libros, lucharon entre sí y todos los estudiantes que participaron en las batallas tendrán una celebración más adelante en el año escolar. Nos complace anunciar que el equipo con la mayor cantidad de puntos en la ronda final es el de 4º grado, "Klever Koalas", que consta de: Runa B., Joie R., Kaitlyn G. y Cora C. ¡Buen trabajo chicas! Continuarán luchando virtualmente contra otras escuelas en todo el estado por diversión. Desafortunadamente, debido a COVID, no habrá una batalla regional o estatal este año. Si su hijo quiere comenzar con el OBOB del próximo año, la Asociación de Bibliotecas Escolares de Oregon ha publicado los títulos de los primeros ocho de los dieciséis libros para OBOB 2021-2022. ¡Esperamos tenerlos en nuestra biblioteca pronto!

Dates to remember- Put these on your calendar!!

Dates to Remember

2/15, Regular School Day - Presidents Day
2/15, This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole (Zoom)
2/17, 8:30-9:00, Student Council (Zoom)
2/17, 9:00-9:45am, Virtual Coffee with the Principal (Zoom)
2/17, 4:30, Poetry Club with Ms. Katharine (Zoom)
2/17, 6:30, Cheer with the Ducks! - Holt Virtual Event with the UO Dance Team (Zoom)
2/18, Bo & Vine - Holt Night Out Fundraiser (use the code GOBOLTS)
2/19, Lunch Bunch w/Ms. Darla - KG 12:00, 3/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1:00 (Zoom)
2/22, This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole (Zoom)
2/23, 6:30, "Pictionary With the Ducks!" - UO Athlete/Holt Virtual Event (Zoom)
2/24, 9:00-9:45am, Virtual Coffee with the Principal (Zoom)
2/26, Fancy Day - SPIRIT DAY!
2/26, Lunch Bunch w/Ms. Darla - KG 12:00, 3/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1:00 (Zoom)
3/3, 8:30-9:00, Student Council (Zoom)
3/3, 9:00-9:45am, Virtual Coffee with the Principal (Zoom)
3/3, 4:30, Poetry Club with Ms. Katharine (Zoom)
3/4, 8:00-3:00, Supply Distribution (Front Entrance)
3/4, 11:00-1:00, Kona Ice - Holt Shave Ice Fundraiser! (Front Entrance)
3/5, Lunch Bunch w/Ms. Darla - KG 12:00, 3/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1:00 (Zoom)
3/11, 11:00-10:00, Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream - Holt Night Out Fundraiser

Fechas a recordar

2/15 Día escolar regular - día del presidente
2/15 Esta semana en los desportes con Sr. Cole (zoom)
2/17 Consejo estudiantil 8:30 – 9
2/17 Café virtual con el director 9 – 9: 45am (zoom)
2/17 Club de poesía con sra. Katharine 4:30pm
2/17 ¡Ánimo con los Ducks! 6:30pm
2/18 Bo & Vine - Holt noche de recaudación de fondos
2/19 Almuerzo con la señora Darla – KG 1200, 2/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1pm
2/22 Esta semana en los desportes con Sr. Cole (zoom)
2/23 Pictionary con los Patos! (zoom) 6:30pm
2/24 Café virtual con el director 9 – 9: 45am (zoom)
2/26 Dia de espíritu
2/26 Almuerzo con la señora Darla – KG 1200, 2/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1pm
3/3 Consejo estudiantil 8:30 – 9
3/3 Café virtual con el director 9 – 9: 45am (zoom)
3/3 Club de poesía con sra. Katharine 4:30pm
3/4 Distribución de suministros entrada delantera 8am – 3pm
3/4 Kona Ice – Holt recaudación de fondos 11am – 1pm
3/5 Almuerzo con la señora Darla – KG 1200, 2/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1pm
3/11 Helados caseros Handels – Holt recaudación de fondos

This weeks lunch menu February 15-19

Weekly Lunch Menu

Free meals are available outside the cafeteria Monday through Friday, 10:45-2:00 for students 2-18 years of age. Enter off Harlow Road with one-way traffic exiting out the back. There is a walk/bike table serving area and two drive up tables. Please be considerate of social distancing and waiting in line. Meals also include a breakfast and dinner.

The menu for this week is below, with vegetarian options available daily:

MONDAY: Quesadilla or Soft Taco (Meat & Bean or Bean & Cheese)
TUESDAY: Sweet Chili Chicken or Mandarin Orange Chicken or Tofu
WEDNESDAY: Cheeseburger (Beef or Veggie)
THURSDAY: Chili (Beef or Veggie)
FRIDAY: Fish Sticks or Cheeseburger (Veggie)

Menú semanal Almuerzo

Ahora comidas gratuitas están disponibles fuera de la cafetería de lunes a viernes, 10:45 – 1400 para estudiantes de 2-18 años de edad. Ingrese desde el calle Harlow, con tráfico unidireccional. Hay un área de servicio para aquellos que están caminando y montando una bicicleta y dos mesas para los que están conduciendo. Por favor, tenga en cuenta el distanciamiento social y la espera en la fila. Las comidas también incluyen desayuno y cena.

El menú para esta semana es el siguiente, con opciones vegetarianas disponibles diariamente:

Lunes: Quesadilla o taco suave (carne y frijol o frijol y queso)
Martes: Pollo con chile dulce o pollo con mandarina o tofu
Miercoles: Hamburguesa con queso (ternera o verduras)
Jueves: Chili (ternera o veduras)
Viernes: Palitos de pescado o hamburguesa con queso (vegetariano)

Update your child's health information

Update Your Child's Health Information

Now that we are moving towards in person learning, we want to remind families to fill out a health form for any conditions that your child(ren) may have that we do not already have on file. We especially want to be aware of respiratory based diagnosis, such as asthma & seasonal allergies, because if we do not have a written record of those condition (signs & symptoms), the student will be sent home for exhibiting symptoms of COVID

Linked here is the Asthma Assessment Form and the General Medical Profile Form, which you can email front office staff.

Actualice la información de salud de su hijo

Ahora que nos estamos moviendo hacia el aprendizaje en persona, queremos recordar a las familias que llenen un formulario de salud para cualquier condición que sus hijos puedan tener que ya no tenemos en el archivo. Queremos estar especialmente al tanto del diagnóstico respiratorio, como el asma y las alergias estacionales, porque si no tenemos un registro escrito de esas afecciones (signos y síntomas), el estudiante será enviado a casa por presentar síntomas de COVID.

Enlazado aquí está el formulario de Evaluación del Asma y el formulario de Perfil Médico General, que puede enviar por correo electrónico al personal de recepción.

Optional Holt Virtual Events!!

Optional Holt Virtual Events!

This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole - Monday, February 15 @5:30
Student Council – Wednesday, February 17 @8:30
Poetry Club with Ms. Katharine – Wednesday, February 17 @4:30
Cheer with the Ducks! - Wednesday, February 17 @6:30
This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole - Monday, February 22 @6:30
Pictionary with the Ducks! - Tuesday, February 23 @6:30

Zoom link info can be found below and on the Holt Family Calendar and click below for the complete February Calendar of Events!

Opcional Holt eventos virtuales!

Esta semana en los desportes con Sr. Cole – Lunes, 15 de febrero @ 5:30pm
Consejo estudiantil – Miercoles, 17 de febrero @ 8:30am
Club de poesía con la Sra. Katharine – Miercoles, 17 de febrero @4:30pm
Animo con los Ducks! Miercoles, 17 de febrero @ 6:30pm
Esta semana en los desportes con Sr. Cole, Lunes 22 de febrero @5:30pm
Pictionary con los patos, Martes 23 de febrero @ 6:30pm

La información del enlace de Zoom se puede encontrar abajo y en el Calendario de la Familia Holt y haga clic abajo para el Calendario de Eventos de Febrero completo!

Holt Night Out Fundraiser!!

Holt Night Out Fundraiser – Bo & Vine!

Next week on Thursday, February 18th, 11:00-10:00, you can support Holt by ordering an delicious hamburger and fries at Eugene latest gourmet burger spot, Bo & Vine at 941 Pearl St. Use the promo code "GOBOLTS" to get 15% off your order and 10% of all sales will support Holt! Order in person or online at

Virtual Dance Off Battle! Students vs Staff

Holt Staff vs. Student Virtual Dance Battle

All staff and students and staff can join in on the fun! To participate, just email Ms. Reich a 10-15 second video showing your best dance moves! Let's see who will win the battle! Send you video to The dance video will play to the song "September" from the Trolls movie, but feel free to dance to any song you would like to enter. Video entries due 2/14.

Optional Holt Virtual Events

Optional Holt Virtual Events!

This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole - Monday, February 8 @5:30
Yoga Night for Kids w/Chelsea Duke - Tuesday, February 9 @6:30
Family Engineering Night - Straw Rockets! - Wednesday, February 10 @6:00
This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole - Monday, February 15 @5:30
Student Council – Wednesday, February 17 @8:30
Poetry Club with Ms. Katharine – Wednesday, February 17 @4:30
Cheer with the Ducks! - Wednesday, February 17 @6:30
This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole - Monday, February 22 @6:30
Pictionary with the Ducks! - Tuesday, February 23 @6:30

Zoom link info can be found below and on the Holt Family Calendar and click below for the complete February Calendar of Events!

Reminder: There is school on February 15th!

Presidents Day - Regular School Day

A reminder that Presidents Day on Monday, February 15th is a regular school day. This is usually a day off, but 4J added it back to the calendar to make up for the school closures earlier in the year due to the poor air quality.

Spread the love video

Here is a wonderful video to remind us to spread the love! Click on the link below to view it.

Parent Information and Collaboration Group

UO Child and Family Center ~ Positive and Healthy Parenting

What: Parent Information and Collaboration Group focused on learning to communicate well with your child, create positive routines, help support and motivate positive behaviors, and keep safe with healthy monitoring and limits.

When: Thursdays 6:00-7:30 pm; February 4-March 11

Where: via zoom @

Consistent attendance preferred, yet acceptable to miss a session or two. Register for this series HERE! (just name and email so can receive reminders and info)

QPR training for parents

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) ~ Suicide Prevention Training

Thoughts of suicide are being reported more often within our community and among our youth. You can help prevent suicide by knowing some of the warning signs and knowing how to respond.

Key components covered in training:

  • How to Question, Persuade, and Refer someone who may be suicidal
  • How to get help for yourself or learn more about preventing suicide
  • Common causes of suicidal behavior
  • Warning signs of suicide
  • How to get help for someone in crisis


  • Monday, February 22 11:00am-1:00pm
  • Tuesday, March 9 5:00-7:00pm

Where: This training will be provided virtually. Details and zoom link provided upon registration.

To Register: Please register in advance for the event by clicking THIS LINK

Parent Support Groups

Parent Support and Mindfulness~ Center for Community Counseling

The Center for Community Counseling is offering parent support groups and student mindfulness groups intended to provide support to parents and children as they navigate the unique challenges of such a difficult year.

Group Information at a Glance:

Online Parent Groups (all with rolling start dates thru February):

  • Monday's 9:30 am
  • Tuesday's 3:30 pm
  • Wednesday's 6:30 pm

Coffee Chat- Please join the conversation

Coffee Chats Offer Support for 4J Parents

Monthly conversations in English and Spanish, centered on wellbeing and community support

Check in and chat! 4J parents and guardians are invited to join in monthly virtual coffee chats. These casual conversations will explore a different topic every month around emotional wellness, parenting and community resources.

Join other parents and 4J social worker Maria Covernali for the conversation in your high school region or the week that works for you. Coffee chats are held in Spanish on Wednesdays and in English on Thursdays, 6–7 p.m. Click the Zoom links below to join the conversation!

4J Parent Coffee Chat Schedule:
Sheldon region: First week of month, Wednesday–Spanish & Thursday–English
Churchill region: Second week, Wednesday–Spanish & Thursday–English
North Eugene region: Third week, Wednesday–Spanish & Thursday–English
South Eugene region: Fourth week, Wednesday–Spanish & Thursday–English

Spanish meetings — Wednesdays 6–7 p.m.
ZOOM link (contraseña: 554397)

English meetings – Thursdays 6–7 p.m.
ZOOM link (passcode: 100531)

Questions? Email We look forward to seeing you!

Big picture

Supply Distribution

Supply Distribution Feb. 4th

The February Student Supply Distribution is next week on Thursday, February 4th, 8:00-3:00. And this time we will finally have headphones for students to borrow during distance learning.

Distribución de suministros Feb. 4

La Distribución de Suministros para Estudiantes de Febrero es la próxima semana el jueves 4 de febrero, 8:00-3:00. Esta vez finalmente tendremos auriculares para que los estudiantes los tomen prestados durante el aprendizaje a distancia.

Report Cards

Report Cards Coming Soon!

There is no school this Friday for Report Card Grading Day. Rport cards will be emailed to families on Monday, February 8th. Be aware that due to teaching and meeting schedules, not all teachers and grade levels will email report cards information at the same time.

Boletines de Calificaciones Próximamente!

No hay escuela este viernes para el Día de Calificaciones. Boletines de calificaciones serán enviados por correo electrónico a las familias el lunes 8 de febrero. Tenga en cuenta que debido a los horarios de enseñanza y reuniones, no todos los maestros y niveles de calificación enviarán por correo electrónico la información de los boletines de calificaciones al mismo tiempo.

Turn it off Tuesday!

Turn it Off Tuesday

Keep your child's iPad in good working order with Turn it Off Tuesday!

• SWIPE - Close out all tabs (double click the home button and swipe up)
• RESTART - Restart your iPad (hold down the power button and Power Off)
. • CHARGE - Plug it in!

Big picture

Apagarlo el martes

Mantenga el iPad de su hijo en buen estado de funcionamiento con ¡Apáguelo el martes!

• DESLIZAR - Cerrar todas las pestañas (haga doble clic en el botón de inicio y deslizar hacia arriba)
• REINICIAR - Reinicie su iPad (mantenga pulsado el botón de encendido y apagado)
• CARGO - ¡Lo enchufa!

February Coloring Contest

February Coloring Contest!

Coming Soon at the next Supply Distribution! Color, decorate, and design the February Coloring Contest Heart and email a picture to Ms. Cobb at Creations are due February 19th and winners will be announced February 25th!

Concurso de colorear de febrero!

Próximamente en la próxima distribución de suministros! Color, decoración y diseño el corazón del concurso de colorear de febrero y enviar por correo electrónico una imagen a la Sra. Cobb en Las creaciones están previstas para el 19 de febrero y los ganadores serán anunciados el 25 de febrero!

Optional fun virtual events!

Optional Holt Virtual Events!

How to Draw a Dragon w/Ms. Kim - Tuesday, January 19 @6:00
Student Council – Wednesday, January 20 @8:30
This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole - Monday, January 25 @5:30
Creation Crew w/Ms. Jackie - Tuesday, January 26 @6:30
Student Council – Wednesday, February 3 @8:30
Bertha Holt’s Birthday ---> Ultimate Spirit Day BINGO Night! - Friday, February 5, @6:30

Zoom link info can be found below and on the Holt Family Calendar.

Eventos virtuales opcionales de Holt

Esta semana en deportes con el Sr. Cole – Lunes el 25 de Enero @ 5:30pm
Equipo de creación con Sra. Jackie – Martes el 26 de Enero @ 6:30pm
Consejo Estudiantil – Miercoles el 3 de Febrero @ 8:30am
Cumpleaños de Bertha Holt  última dia de espíritu noche de BINGO – Viernes el 5 de Febrero @ 6:30pm

La información del enlace de zoom se puede encontrar abajo y en el calendario de la familia Holt

Eventos virtuales opcionales de Holt

Cómo dibujar un unicornio con Señorita Kim – Martes el 19 de Enero @ 6pm
Consejo Estudiantil – Miercoles el 20 de Enero @ 8:30am
Esta semana en deportes con el Sr. Cole – Lunes el 25 de Enero @ 5:30pm
Equipo de creación con Sra. Jackie – Martes el 26 de Enero @ 6:30pm
Consejo Estudiantil – Miercoles el 3 de Febrero @ 8:30am
Cumpleaños de Bertha Holt  última dia de espíritu noche de BINGO – Viernes el 5 de Febrero @ 6:30pm

La información del enlace de zoom se puede encontrar abajo y en el calendario de la familia Holt.

Hybrid Information

Hybrid Updates

The state is planning to release updated guidelines to school districts this week. This will help 4J in the deciding the timeline for reopening. We do know the state metrics will now be advisory instead of mandatory, although our neighboring districts plan to continue to follow the reaping metrics. Please see the Eugene School District 4J Website for the latest information.

Actuallizaciones hibridas

Actualizaciones híbridas

El estado planea publicar directrices actualizadas a los distritos escolares esta semana. Esto ayudará a 4J a decidir la línea de tiempo para la reapertura. Sabemos que las métricas estatales ahora serán asesoras en lugar de obligatorias, aunque nuestros distritos vecinos planean seguir las métricas de cosecha. Por favor, consulte el sitio web de Eugene School District 4J para obtener la información más reciente.

Winter Benchmark Testing

Winter Benchmark Testing

Reading and math winter benchmark testing begins this week. Since testing is done over Zoom and not at school, we ask that adults and older siblings resist the urge to "help" students with their tests. Accurate test scores help school staff get an accurate picture of where students are at.

Also, there will be no Dynamos groups this week.

Pruebas de referencia de invierno

Las pruebas de invierno de lectura y matemáticas comienzan esta semana. Dado que las pruebas se realizan sobre Zoom y no en la escuela, pedimos que los adultos y hermanos mayores se resistan a la necesidad de "ayudar" a los estudiantes con sus pruebas. Los resultados precisos de las pruebas ayudan al personal escolar a obtener una imagen precisa de dónde están los estudiantes.

Big picture
Big picture

Preparing for the return to the school building- Practice and Prepare


Coming back to school (or for Kinders- starting school) can be a very anxious time. It is important to start thinking about, talking about, and practicing for returning to school. Preparing now can help reduce some of the anxiety that may accompany returning to brick and mortar. Here are some ideas that can be helpful for students and families.

* Practice properly wearing a mask (over the mouth and nose) AND wear it for increasing periods of time.
* Practice washing hands and physically distancing
* Set and maintain evening and morning routines (going to bed earlier, getting up and eating breakfast, getting dressed in clothes)
* Read stories about going back to school
* Pick out a new mask that will be worn just at school (make the mask special)
* Encourage independence- that can help to minimize separation anxiety
* Do a dress rehearsal of a school morning (get up, eat, dress, and drive by the school)
*Driving by the school and letting your child/ren see the school to get familiar with it can help ease anxiety
* Validate any fears they may have (practice taking deep breaths, taking a short break)
* Talk with your child/ren about how school will look different then what it was in the past

We know this will be a huge adjustment for everyone and by working together and practicing now, we can help ease some of the anxiety that may be experienced.

Please reach out to me if you have concerns or questions.

Thank you-

Dinner meal now added to breakfast/lunch pick up

Dinner meal has been added to the breakfast/lunch daily meal pick up!!!

Free grab-and-go meals (breakfast and lunch served together) will be available for all 4J students and youth 18 years old and younger through June 2021.

A dinner meal will start being added beginning in January; this is provided at no cost to families through the Federal Child Nutrition Programs funding. There are no income requirements and no application necessary. Children do not need to be present when picking up meals. Families can choose the location that is most convenient for them, regardless of where they live or attend school.
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Dates to remember!

Dates to Remember

1/12, 12:30-1:30, School Choice Presentation & Tour (Zoom)
1/12, 6:00-6:30, Talking with Books - Title 1 Family Event (Zoom)
1/13, 6:00, How to Draw a Dragon w/Ms. Kim (Zoom)
1/13, 9:00-9:45am, Virtual Coffee with the Principal (Zoom)1/14, 5:00-6:00, Site Council (Zoom)
1/14, 6:00-7:00, PAHS (Parents at Holt School) Meeting (Zoom)
1/15, Lunch Bunch w/Ms. Darla - KG 12:00, 3/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1:00 (Zoom)
1/18, NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
1/19, 6:00,How to Draw a Unicorn w/Ms. Kim (Zoom)
1/20, 8:30-9:00, Student Council (Zoom)
1/20, 9:00-9:45am, Virtual Coffee with the Principal (Zoom)
1/21, 6:00-7:00, School Choice Presentation & Tour (Zoom)
1/22, Lunch Bunch w/Ms. Darla - KG 12:00, 3/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1:00 (Zoom)
1/25, 5:30, This Week in Sports w/Mr. Cole (Zoom)
1/26, 12:30-1:30, School Choice Presentation & Tour (Zoom)
1/27, 9:00-9:45am, Virtual Coffee with the Principal (Zoom)
1/28, Make a Hat Day - SPIRIT DAY!
1/29, Lunch Bunch w/Ms. Darla - KG 12:00, 3/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1:00 (Zoom)
1/29, NO SCHOOL - Grading Day
2/1, Second Semester Begins
2/3, 8:30-9:00, Student Council (Zoom)
2/3, 9:00-9:45am, Virtual Coffee with the Principal (Zoom)
2/5, Bertha Holt’s Birthday ---> Ultimate Spirit Day!
2/5, Lunch Bunch w/Ms. Darla - KG 12:00, 3/4 12:20, 1/2 12:40, 5th 1:00 (Zoom)
2/9, 6:30, Yoga Night for Kids (Zoom)

LTD Bus Pass

Free LTD Use for Students Grade K-12

LTD is continuing to let students ride for free (without a current pass) by stating they are a student until schools return to in-person instruction. Normally, LTD offers all K-12 students in Lane County a free LTD Student Transit Pass, but at this time it is not realistic to resume TouchPass.

Eviction Moratorium


Eviction Moratorium information- please read. If you need to use the moratorium there are some documents that must be filled out by you to give to your landlord. The document below will let you know what needs to be filled out.

Big picture

Attendance Matters!

Good attendance is a habit that will help your children do well in school.

· Children can suffer academically if they miss 10% of the school year. (That’s 14 days for districts on a four-day schedule and 18 days for districts on a five-day schedule.) That can happen before you know it—even by missing just one day every two weeks.

· It doesn’t matter if these absences are excused or unexcused. They all represent lost time in the classroom and a lost opportunity to learn.

· Preschool is a great time to start building a habit of good attendance. In fact, studies show that poor attendance in preschool can predict absenteeism in later grades.

· Attendance matters as much in kindergarten as later years. Studies show many children who miss too many days in kindergarten and first grade can struggle academically in later years. They often have trouble mastering reading by the end of third grade.

· By middle and high school, chronic absence is a strong warning sign that without support, a student is at risk of dropping out.

· Too many absent students can affect the whole classroom, slowing down instruction.

Tips to improve your child’s attendance:

· Avoid extended vacations that require your children to miss school. Try to vacation during school breaks only.

· Try to schedule preventative health care appointments for days off of school, or afternoons.

· For younger children, set a regular bedtime and morning routine. They need 9 to 11 hours of sleep.

· It helps to lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before.

· For older children, help set homework and bedtime routines that allow for 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep. Make sure that when the lights go out, so do the cell phones, video games and computers. Consider keeping technology in another room at night.

· Get to know the teachers and administrators. With younger children, introduce your child to teachers before school starts and keep in touch with the teachers. For older students, school officials can help you stay on top of academic progress and social contacts to make sure your child is staying on track.

· Set clear guidelines. Show that attendance matters to you and that you won’t allow an absence unless someone is truly sick.

· Don’t ask older students to help with daycare and household errands that will interfere with school.

· You can turn to the school for help. Schools can connect you with community resources and help you troubleshoot.

· Visit to discover community resources.

· Use the Attendance Tracker provided on the Every Day Matters website.

Reminders for being successful in school

A few general reminders to help your child be successful:

• No TV, cell phone, or video game distractions during Zoom class.
• Camera on and be visible for the majority of class time.
• On time for class and returning from breaks.
• Complete all Seesaw assignments
• Wednesday work is also recorded as participation and graded.
• If possible, have your child show you their Seesaw journal and notifications.

Thank you all for taking these suggestions into consideration and for continuing to support your child as best you can.

Mindfulness App- Stop, Breathe, Think Kids

Mindfulness App. ~Stop, Breathe, Think Kids

Mindfulness skills are helpful in regulating our emotions and responding to stress. There are numerous additional benefits for our children and for adults, such as improved immune system, regulation of stress, improved sleep, better regulated attention and emotions, and much more.

We've been focused on teaching your children about the brain and mindfulness. To use the app, your child will need a parent to sign-in with an email and enter verification code to indicate consent for the child to use the app.

I like this mindfulness app because children can find their own strategy or activity based on their interest or self-identified need, or even better, the child identifies their current emotional state and the app generates a strategy connected to the emotion. This helps children make a connection between useful and appropriate strategies to use in response to certain emotions.

Watch this short video on how to use the app: Breathe Kids video

Check out this link to learn about the app: Stop, Breathe, Think Kids

While Stop, Breathe, Think Kids is made specific for 5-10 year-olds, MyLife also has mindfulness activities for adults. See this playlist for adult-focused activities: Playlist of Meditation & Mindfulness activities

Erin's Law and Child Abuse Prevention- Information for Parents

Erin’s Law and Child Abuse Prevention
Information for Parents

What is Erin’s Law?
Erin Merryn is a woman who was abused as a child. She has advocated and helped create legislation to ensure that all students be educated about child abuse and what to do if it is happening to them or someone they know. For more information about Erin’s Law you can watch her video at

Who should report child abuse or suspected child abuse?
Anyone can report child abuse or suspected child abuse. You need to report when: you have a reason to suspect, you have observed the abuse, and you know or have a reasonable cause to believe. You don’t have to prove it to make the call. Make the report right away. Agencies are available 24/7.

Whom do I report abuse to?
You can report it to local law enforcement, Department of Human Services - Child Protective Services, a teacher, or your school’s building administrator. Ideally, the person that suspects or has firsthand knowledge should make the call directly to Child Protective Services. Here are our local phone numbers:

Agency - Phone Numbers
Oregon Department of Human Services – Child Protective Services


Eugene Police Department


Springfield Police Department


When immediate threat presents - CALL 911

Where can I get more information about child abuse identification and intervention?
As part of our commitment to keeping our students safe, Eugene 4J School District in collaboration with SafeSchools, has created access for parents and community members to learn more about how to help.

For more information go to:

Username: 4J Guest
Password: Guest

Join Mr. Chinn for Virtual Coffee

Virtual Coffee with the Principal

Don't forget about our weekly Virtual Coffee with the principal every Wednesday between 9:00-9:45.

• Ask Questions
• Share Experiences
• Process & Collaborate Together

Zoom link can be found below and on the Holt Family Calendar.

How to translate the newsletter to your native language

SMORE uses Google Translate for its translation service.

When viewing the newsletter – to the right of the newsletter is a box titled Accessibility.

In that box click on Translate newsletter

Scroll to your native language and click.

You can also adjust font size and contrast from the accessibility box

Lines for Life Parent Wellness Rooms

Lines for Life Educator Wellness and new Parent Wellness Rooms

Lines for Life through its Helpers Helping Helpers programming has launched a variety of “wellness room” spaces on Zoom for folks to attend freely and seek support, share resources, and overall sit together in community during the pandemic. Yvette Garcia has an exciting program that have been made with schools in mind – a Wellness Room for for parents! This is a statewide and FREE resource that is meant to support – please do not hesitate to spread the word! Some Wellness Rooms are also available in Spanish.

Parents Wellness Room: Tuesdays at 3 pm.

Parent Wellness Room: Thursdays at 3 pm.

Center for Family Development- seeking participants for "Positive Solutions for Families" group

The Center for Family development is currently seeking participants for their "Positive Solutions for Families" group. The group is in English and it is geared for preschool-aged children. Participants do not have to be current CFD clients and are able to enroll for groups only. Below is CFD's description of the group.

Positive Solutions for Families:

Tuesdays, 12:00-1:30pm

This group supports parents in building skills to encourage their positive and effective parenting behaviors. The skills parents learn in this group promote their child's social and emotional development and address challenging behavior and mental health needs. Group facilitators provide families with information on how to understand and address problem behavior by using strength-based interventions to help their child learn appropriate behavior. Sessions are designed to provide family members with key strategies that may be used with preschool-aged children.

Another group that CFD is seeking participants for is their AFFIRM group. This group is geared to supporting youth who identify as gender-diverse/gender non-conforming. Below is CFD's description for this group:


Tuesdays, 5:30-7:00pm

This group is an eight-week empowerment group for adolescents who identify as gender-diverse/gender non-conforming. Participation is open to clients ages 13 – 16. The group will be limited to 6-8 individuals for the initial eight-week program. This group currently meets virtually by Zoom.

All groups are virtual at this time. Please contact CFD at (541) 342-8437 if you are interested in participating in any groups offered by the agency.

Kid President - 25 Things To Be Thankful For

Happy Monday!

Here is a link to a Kid President video on 25 Things To Be Thankful For. Kid President is always full of wisdom and fun to watch.

Nearpod Lesson - Relaxation Activity

This is a great calming activity for parents and their kids. Give it a try and let me know how it worked for you!

Code for lesson: 7BIWP

Big picture
Big picture

Lesson on Gratitude from Nearpod

This is a great lesson and conversation starter on gratitude.

Enter code: T8V5I

November is American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

Here is an activity you can do with your child(ren)

Native American Day Activity Use the code Z94WN to access the activity.


October is National Bullying Prevention Month

You Have the Power to Prevent Bullying

Committee for Children is teaming up once again with bullying prevention superhero Captain Compassion® in support of National Bullying Prevention Month. This year, the Captain is back to empower kids and adults to use their bystander power and to give her trusty sidekick Kid Kinder® guidance about how to help others recognize, report, and refuse bullying.

But we can’t put a stop to bullying without your help.

Click on the link below to see the Captain Compassion comic as well as other activities and information that you and child/ren can do. Remember to be an Upstander!

Please reach out to me if you or your child/ren need support. I am available M-F from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. by phone or email. My building phone number is (541) 790-6134. My Google number can receive calls and texts. That number is (541) 972-3385. My email is

Welcome Back Message from Miss Darla

Click Here for Miss Darla's Bitmoji Classroom

Anti Bullying Activity for Your Family

Here is an anti bullying activity to work through together.

To access this lesson you will need to enter the following code: EN7DF

Together we can make a difference to end bullying in our school.


Updated: 10-28-20 Ghostbusters Dance Video

Miss Ella, a 4th grade student teacher in Mrs. Reich's class made this fun dance video to Ghostbusters!

It is a fun way for families to dance together while getting in some physical exercise. Click here for the link and dance away!


elementary yoga
Big picture

4J Partnership with Comcast

Internet Assistance - Comcast 4J Partnership

4J has established a partnership with Comcast that enable 4J to cover the cost of 12 months of Internet Essentials for families that qualify. Families wanting to apply for assistance need to complete the form linked below.

Families may also call 541-790-7757 (English) or 541-790-7758 (Spanish) and leave their callback information. This opportunity is active until the end of December.

Asistencia a Internet – Comcast y 4J Asociación

4J ha establecido un asociación con Comcast que permite a 4J cubrir el costo de 12 mese de Internet Essentials para las familias que califican

Las familias también pueden llamar a 541-790-7757 (inglés) o al 541-790-7758 (español) y dejar su información de devolución de llamada. Esta oportunidad está disponible hasta finales de diciembre.

Big picture
Big picture

Assistive Technology - Here to help your child

The district Assistive Technology folks have put together a great blog of resources for families to help ease part of the cognitive burden
Big picture
Big picture

Updated: 09/16/2020

Support Resources

I wanted to be sure you all had quick access to support resources available statewide through Lines for Life and other partners.

  • Lines for Life has recently launched a COVID-19 Emotional Support Line that is also being tapped to receive calls regarding the wildfires. Callers do not have to be in crisis to utilize this line and access supportive listening, compassion, and connection to resources. This line is 24/7 and the number is 855-238-8644 (non-800-number version is 503-575-3761)
  • The YouthLine is a teen-to-teen support and crisis helpline for youth. Students in your district can text, call, chat, or email with us from 4-10PM every day of the week. Visit for more information. YouthLine is operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Student Suicide Assessment Line is available Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:30PM, to assist with student suicide assessments and safety planning at 503-575-3760. School staff can also call this line for consultation.
  • The Oregon Family Support Network has a supportive helpline available for parents of children that are experiencing mental health concerns. On this line, parents can speak with other parents that have gone through similar challenges. Find more information at

HOOTS (Helping Out Our Teens in Schools)

HOOTS (Helping Out Our Teens in Schools) is offering mental health support by phone for students, families, and staff of 4J high schools during school closures. The phone line is accessible from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and is staffed by crisis counselors who normally work HOOTS clinic or work on CAHOOTS. Video support is available from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM on weekdays and is accessed by emailing hoots@whitebirdclinic.orgwith your name and preferred time. HOOTS is able to provide short term counseling and mental health support, resource referrals and OHP sign up. Students, families and staff of 4J please call (541)246-2342.


A chat-line for students. Teens are available to help daily from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM Pacific Time via call, text, chat or email (adults are available by phone at all other times). YouthLine is a free, confidential teen-to-teen crisis and help line. No problem is too big or too small for the Youthline!

The Trevor Project

A national 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth via call, text, and chat: 866-488-7386

The Trevor Project


YouthEra has virtual "drop-ins" from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Discord Streaming live (moderated chat) with two state-certified youth peer support specialists, on Twitch Monday-Friday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Lines for Life

All of the phone services are free and confidential. See also Youthline as part of Lines for Life.

Crisis Text Line

Text HOME to 741741 from anywhere in the United States, anytime, about any type of crisis. A live, trained Crisis Text Line Crisis Counselor receives the text and responds, all from our secure online platform. The volunteer Crisis Counselor will help you move from a hot moment to a cool moment.

Safe Oregon

Safe Oregon, the 24/7 statewide school safety tip line, is here for you; for all students and the whole community. Anonymously or confidentially report student safety concerns (suicidal ideation/thoughts, cyberbullying, child abuse, drug/alcohol abuse, etc.) and we will pass this information to school personnel and law enforcement (when necessary).

Updated 9/9/2020 For people interested in accessing Self Sufficiency Program benefits. This encourages to apply online and the need to coming into the offices.


211 has up to date statewide resources. Also a call center for Oregon Health Authority.

People can email, call, or text. Here is the link for specific Coronavirus information.

Websites to Help Kids Through a Crisis

Technology Support

Technology support for students and families.

1. email:

2. phone:

  • English - (541) 790-7770
  • Spanish - (541) 790 - 7531

September is National Suicide Prevention Month

If you or someone you know are struggling with thoughts of suicide please reach out for help. Here is a local resource that can offer assistance. You can reach them at 1800-273-TALK or you may text 273TALK to 839863.

Community Food Resources

Food for Lane County (FFLC), the area's nonprofit food bank, continues to deliver food to its network of more than 150 churches and social service agencies during the coronavirus outbreak. The agency is providing an up-to-date list of closures and schedule changes for local food pantries.

Community food resources for families in need include:

Food pantries (Find the food pantry nearest you:

Meal sites

The Dining Room

Programs for children

Programs for seniors

Trillium Produce Plus

This link below provides information regarding the food program at various schools in the 4J district. Please click the link to find who is eligible and where to go for these services.

Needing a way to calm you or your child's mind and body?


This site offers 15 guided lessons for kids and adults and is great for relaxing the mind and body.

This link will take you to MindYeti

Talking to your child/ren during these racially charged times.

Having conversations regarding racism can be difficult. Here is the link to a 4J website with helpful resources to assist with those challenging conversations.

Free Games and Apps for Kids

This link offers free games, apps, and websites for you and your family during this time of virtual learning.

From ABCs to ACTs

From ABCs to ACTs offers a one stop shop for educational links for your child/ren. Websites that can be linked here are:

PBS Kids

Make Me Genius

MR. Nussbaum



Fuel the Brain

And many more! Be sure to check it out for fun educational learning.