Ms. Harris's Weekly Update

February 15th-19th

Upcoming Assessments and Assignments


*Friday: Science Quiz on Lesson 6: Planets and Other Objects in Space

*Friday: Spelling Test

*Tuesday 23rd: SS Quiz on Constitution and Constitutional Convention

*Wednesday 24th: Math Quiz on Metric Measurement

*Friday 29th: Science Unit Test on Astronomy (Study Guide going home this week)

Other Information:

  • Math Stars will start back on Monday the 22nd
  • We will be going on our final field trip on March 16th to the Alice Springs Greenway. We are going for their "History in a Backpack" event where students will travel through the Greenway learning about life long ago. Permission slips will be going home this week. If you are interested in chaperoning, please let me know.
  • Below is the link to my Astronomy Unit Symbaloo page. This is a great resource for studying for the unit test. Moon Calendars, which are extra credit, are due on March 1st.
  • My literacy block will be starting something called "Genius Hour" in March. This will be a time during the week when they can work on a "passion project." They will research and create something on a topic they are passionate about. I am really excited about this and think it will be a great avenue for children to demonstrate their creativity and innovation. Here is a short video about Genius Hour that explains the concept a little bit more. More information will come home shortly.