VCR Lesson 7

Fiorella Rodriguez 1B

Guess the Word

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Lewis and Clark were _________ explorers, eagerly seeking new things in the area received from the Louisiana Purchase.

  1. inquisitive
  2. acquisitive
  3. meritorious
  4. sumptuary

The correct answer is...

2. Acquisitive


adj. Eagerly seeking to obtain things, wealth, or information.


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Other forms of the word:

acquire (verb), acquisition (noun), aquisitiveness (noun)

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  • greedy
  • covetous
  • avaricious
  • possessive
  • grasping
  • avid


  • selfless
  • disinterested
  • apathetic

In Your Workbook

7A (#4) E

7C (#1) acquisitive


Choose the incorrect sentence.

  1. The acquisitive little boy was very curious about how things like cars and trucks worked, so he constantly asked his father, a mechanic, questions about the same subject.
  2. The war hawks displayed acquisitive behavior when they demanded that the United States of America take over Canada through the rallying cry of, "On to Canada!"
  3. Bob acquired $20,000 through his grandfather's will.
  4. The acquisition of the Gadsden Purchase is what gave the United States of America the shape that we recognize today.