Drone Debate

By Lauren Caitlin

Isn't it scary that people may be watching your every move with a camera attached to a flying drone? It's unlikely but it does happen. People think that this is very disturbing and do not agree with these robots flying around.

A drone named Hector belongs to an animal rights charity and is worth 17'000 dollars.

One day, the animal rights charity group was using Hector to record and take pictures of a free range egg farm. For eggs to be free range, the farmers need to have the chickens in a large, open space for them to run around in the day. The group suspects that chickens have not been running around freely and is using Hector to get evidence.

Glenn Moncreiff, one of the farmers was not happy when he got a phone call saying that someone was spying on their farm. He had an argument with the group but was not winning.

Some of the laws of a drone are that they can't fly above 122 metres, they can't be too close to people and they cant be near airports. People think that these laws are not enough to keep people from observing their private life. Some think that drones are extremely dangerous if flown around people, animals or aircrafts but others think that they are good tools to keep handy and if people have nothing hidden about them then they shouldn't be concerned.