The 'Hoot' from 5th grade

Week of 12/9 Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies

Language Arts

Read to Self: 100 Book Challenge Goal: 176; Read 30 minutes every night at your fun, fast and easy level! Please be sure to sign the lines every night - it is homework!

Every student should have a skill card with vocabulary they are learning to move to the next level. Please look over the word list and try to use these words in everyday conversation. This is the best way to learn vocabulary.

Word Work: Greek/Latin Roots: photo finish and review of last 5 roots: aud,struct, therm, vis, photo

Reading: Are the benefits of space exploration worth the cost? Assessment of main idea and supporting details - Tuesday

Math and Science

Math Topic: Monday: Practice OAA; Topic 7 - dividing decimals

Science: continue sound unit and begin Health unit on Digital Citizenship

Social Studies

Early Indian Civilizations

Big Idea: Exploration and colonization have affected not only what people know, but how they live.

Chapter 5 lesson 1 - First Americans; packet for lesson; Quiz this week

Information Math & Science


Seiberling phone: 330-794-4204

Things You Should Know

Thank you to all those who attended our Interim pick-up and had a chance to explore the new building.

Classroom supplies needed: kleenex and purell

Please send the following in ASAP....

We are planning projects for the week of December 16th and are in need of some items. If you are able to contribute it would be appreciated. Part of our activities will involve donating decorated cracker and microwave packs to the Ronald McDonald House, Akron. Items needed: packs of crackers (for example - Lance/Keebler brand cheese and peanut butter - 6 crackers in a pack), microwave popcorn packs

Student Craft project items needed: unused 1 1/2 - 2 inch paint brush

Upcoming events: 5th Grade to Akron Art Museum - Tuesday, 12/17; speaker from Ronald McDonald House, Akron Tuesday 12/17 at 12:30

Visit Seiberling CLC 12/18

Please get permission slips returned for Seiberling visit and Art Museum