News from Room 40

Week of 11/28 - 12/2

News at a Glance

  • Due to Thanksgiving break, our cycle days have now shifted. Cycle Day 1 are on Fridays and Cycle Day 5 (quizzes and tests) are on Mondays.
  • We are running low on Expo dry-and-erase markers in our classroom. We would greatly appreciate if you could donate some to our classroom.
  • We are almost finished with our salt dough maps. Be prepared for them to be carried home next week :)
  • Weekly quizzes will now be sent home in each student's planner. Please sign them each week and return them to school with your child.
  • Our first field trip will be on Tuesday, January 10th after Holiday Break.

What We're Learning This Week

Journey's Reading Curriculum

When natural forces are at work, the result can be awesome! This week we'll explore the question, "How do natural disasters affect people?" The first reading selection will be The Earth Dragon Awakes, a piece of historical fiction set during the San Fransisco earthquake of 1906. We'll also read an informational text, Twisters, which provides interesting facts about tornadoes.

Vocabulary: Trembles, wreckage, slab, possessions, tenement, crushing, rubble, debris, timbers, constructed

Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms

Comprehension Strategy: Visualize - forming pictures in your mind from what you read

Writing Focus: Opinion writing - problem-solution composition

Math: Fractions

This past week we learning comparing, ordering, and equivalent fractions. Next week we will work on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions with unlike denominators.

Next week the homework sheet will return as well!

Social Studies

Next week we will continue learning map skills and Pennsylvania geography. A study guide will go home next week (completed in class), for our Map Skills quiz.

P.S. If they ask, the Southern Ocean does exist now :)

Salt Dough Maps

Taking Toby Home

Toby made his first adventure to a student's house this weekend! Thank you to the Stroik family for taking care of Toby over Thanksgiving Break!

The kids would love the opportunity to take him home, however it is quite an adventure! Toby needs to go to someone's house in his habitat. Therefore, he must travel in his 50 gallon tank with his heat lamps.

If you are interested in taking him home over the break in February or April please email me! We can arrange to have him carted to your car after school.

Field Trip: January 10th

On Tuesday, January 10th our class will be taking our first field trip to the Pennsylvania Farm Show! See more information here:

We will need many chaperones for this field trip! If you are available and interesting in attending, please send me an email so we can double check that the school has you on their volunteer list!

Holiday Party

Friday, 12/23

Our class has briefly discussed having a behavior reward party on Friday, December 23rd. That day is a half day. If you are interested, either in planning or attending, please let me know!

Mrs. LeBlanc

Please never hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.