Between Shades of Grey

By Ruta Sepetys


The book I read is called "Between the Shades of Grey" by Ruta Sepetys. This book is about a young girl named Lina who lived in Lithuania during WWII. She lives with her mom, dad, and younger brother until one day the Gestapo come and take her, her mother, and brother, along with others from her town to concentration camps. They go all over Europe and even leave Europe to these concentration camps. The group sticks together and fights hunger, disease, and fear of what will happen to them and their families. Read "Between the Shades of Grey" to find out if Lina will survives.


I think the theme of my book is to never give up. In the book, Lina has to make choices that could change her life and she has to keep fighting for survival even when something goes wrong. She has to be strong when someone dies or gets very sick,or gets a piece of information that changes her life.

Background Information

Concentration Camps

In 1933 when the Nazi came to power, they built the first concentration camps. Storm troops, the SS, the police, and local authorities arrested people for reasons they normally wouldn't have been arrested for. These people were considered to be enemies of the Nazi. The prisoners were sent to concentration camps all over Germany. At the camps, they suffered in harsh conditions and many died from exhaustion, starvation, and exposure. Some concentration camps even performed medical experiments on the prisoners. But not all camps were the same. The prisoners were sent to labor camps, transit camps, and extermination camps.

How They Relate

In "Between the Shades of Grey", Lina and others from her town were sent to labor camps all over Europe. They rode in crowed cars and on small trains to get to the camps. There, they would dig and plant things all day for the Nazi. In return, they only got a tiny bit of bread, or sometimes nothing at all. Lina, her family, and people from her town, all suffered and tried to stay strong. They were weak from working all day and not enough food or sleep.

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