A New PC for You: LocumTenens.com

Please review important details below


You are scheduled to receive a new PC TOMORROW afternoon!

We respect your time and want to be as effective AND efficient as possible. While you are in training, we will deploy a new PC to your desk.

IMPORTANT - Before you go to class:

  • Please be sure to save your work as we will shut down your VDI session.
  • Your password will be changed to allow us to transfer settings and validate everything is working.

Upon your return, you will have some Windows 10 documentation and instructions how to log back in. You will need to use the temporary password to log in, then you will have the ability to set your password back to what you had it.

We will be sure the following is configured and working before we leave:

  • Network printers
  • Mapped network drives
  • Outlook profile
  • LT Mail Merge profiles
  • Documents, desktops and IE favorites
  • Avaya Click-to-Dial


Jackson Healthcare Technology Group

Email: SupportCenter@JacksonHealthcare.com

Phone: 770-643-5602