Education in South Africa

Honors English 10


The education in South Africa is split into two departments. The Department of Basic Education is encountered for primary and secondary education. The second department is the Department of Higher Education and Training which is responsible for higher education. Primary school in South Africa starts from reception (five years old) until the sixth grade. Secondary school follows up from ninth grade until twelfth grade. In the Department of Higher Education and Training, it is college or university level.

Grading Scale: One academic year in South Africa starts in January ending in December in total of 12 months. The grading system in South Africa does not use letters. Instead, they use numbers, 1-7 with 1 being the worst and 7 being the best.

1- 20-29%

2- 30-39%

3- 40-49%

4- 50-59%

5- 60-69%

6- 70-79%

7- 80-100%

Achievements and Time Span: Here is the time span along with each category of

achievement that the Department of Higher Education and Training includes.

Certificate and Diploma is 1-2 years of study

Bachelors’ Degree is 3 to 6 years (depending on course)

Honor’s Degree requires a thesis for 1 more year of undergrad study

Master’s Degree is 2 years of post-graduate study

Doctorate requires 2 years at the minimum, onward with a Master’s

Testing: Just like the USA, South Africa does the same kind of testing which is the SAT. The SAT is accessible six times a year in nine different centers across South Africa. The first center is the African Leadership Academy which is located in the Greater Johannesburg area of South Africa. The second center is the African Union International School which located in Midrand, a city that is located in the center of the province of Gauteng. The third center is the American International School of Johannesburg which is located in Johannesburg. The fourth center that students can go to take their SAT is Dr. Bohmer Secondary School which is located in the capital judiciary governmental branch of South Africa, Bloemfontein. The fifth center is International School of South Africa which is located in the city of Mafikeng. The sixth center is St. Henry’s Marist College which is located in the city of Durban. The seventh center is the University of the Witwatersrand. This university is located in the city of Johannesburg. The eighth center is the University of Cape Town which is located in the provincial and legislative capital, Cape Town. The US Consulate General in Johannesburg is the ninth center which is located in one of the three capitals in South Africa. This capital also serves as the executive capital of South Africa and that capital is Pretoria.

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