Fantasy is a genre of fiction that usually uses magic and imaginary or impossible things in a primary plot element, theme, or setting. Many works in this genre take place in imaginary places where magic and magical things are common.

Ex:Harry Potter Series,The Hobbit

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Science Fiction

Science Fiction is the genre that can possibly happen in the future.Some of it should contain some stuff in the real world.

Ex:The Hunger Games Series,The Maze Runner,Divergent

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Realistic Fiction

A story that could happen today or in the real world.It has a believable situation.

Ex:Frindle,Diary of the Wimpy Kid,Holes

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Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is something that could have happened in the past.It could be based on a true story from the past.

Ex:Bud Not Buddy,The Midwives Apperence,The Watsons go to Burlington

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Romance is a genre that usually has two people who are in love and have obstacles through there relationship. The ending will usually have to be emotionally satisfying to the reader.

Ex:Twllight,A Summer Affair

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Thriller is a genre with a lot of action,suspense and adventure.

Ex:The Walking Dead,Carrie

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Mystery is when the characters are trying to solve a puzzle or crime.

Ex:A to Z Mystery,The 39 Cules

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Humor is a genre with humor and amusement written in to make the reader laugh.

Ex:Diary of the Wimpy Kid,Captain Underpants

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Adventure is a genre that has a a lot of action. Often involve a quest or a journey to accomplish throughout.

Ex:Hatchet,Harry Potter

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The Autobiography genre has information about a persons life, but is written by the same person.

Ex:Agatha Christie,Anne Frank

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Biography is a genre that is about a true life of a person.

Ex:Steve Jobs,Benjamin Frankin

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The author writes about there life and includes a lesson that was learned throughout.

Ex:The Glass Castle,Night

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