By: Maddy Mueller


Tangible items such as furniture, electronics or

household appliances are leased with the condiƟon that

the item will be owned by the renter if the term of rent is


Pros and Cons

Biggest benefit is that during a bull market with increasing price points you can in theory lock in a purchase price at current market value.

The downside can be you may be neglecting an advantageous lending environment; remember the price you purchase is not the price you pay. With mortgage rates trending down in the last month, and already at historically advantageous rates.

Why some people use it

They think it saves them money and if they move then they can return it without having to move anything.

Where you can find it in Norfolk

You can Rent-to-own things at Rent-A-Center

Why i would use the alternative credit

I don't think I would use anything Rent-to-own because I would want to buy the item right away instead of making payments on it.